Gorilla Glue Auto


  • The knockout artist. 24% THC that comes with a hard-hitting high.
  • The stickiest in the game! So much resin that it will literally stick your fingers together.
  • Massive yields. Up to 600gr/m2 and ready to harvest in just 70 days.
  • Extremely potent. A deeply relaxing effect with the ideal head buzz, perfect ideal for avid consumers and Hybrid lovers.
  • Better than ever. Super dense buds with fat calyxes drenched in resin, now in auto version.
  • Grow out of sight! Big and bushy, perfect strain for growing outdoors.

LSD 25 Auto


  • Great for beginners! Despite the size of up to 120cm, this strain is super easy to grow.
  • Purple extractions. The perfect choice for those looking to produce purple extracts.
  • Striking terps. A mix of diesel, red wine, and burnt wood that will leave the whole room smelling pleasant.
  • Out of this world beauty! A variety of purple hues, expect beautiful colors from head to toe.
  • Strong. Novices beware, the super-strong Sativa effect is mind-bending!

Gorilla Cookies


  • Whopping 27% THC! The strongest autoflower in the world up to this day, with an insane trichome production.
  • Super-reliable and incredibly resistant. This cultivar inherited all the best qualities from her parents, making it a fool-proof strain even for beginner growers.
  • Massive producer. Grows around 100cm and can yield up to 600gr/m2 in 10 weeks.
  • Chunky dense buds. Produces golf-ball-sized buds that finish completely covered in trichomes and reeking of an exceptional aroma, a great choice for commercial growers and extractors.
  • Great for beginners. Ideal for beginner growers looking for a potent, resilient, and easy-to-grow strain.

West Cost OG Auto


  • A solid producer!. Produces 650gr/m2 in just 70 days.
  • Great cup-winning strain! Faithful to the original, beautiful buds with a potent effect.
  • Classic terps. That unique kush aroma with citrus and pine hints.
  • Straight from Cali. Ideal for growers looking to try Cali’s finest.

Forbidden Runtz Auto


  • Nugs fit for a king. Huge and dense nugs for those who enjoy that top shelf appearance.
  • Extraordinary Yields. Expect up to 550gr/m2 in just under 65 days!
  • Beginners dream strain. Everything that makes good genetics good without needing much maintenance or extra effort.
  • Flavorful flowers. A terpene-rich strain that’s up to par with even the most demanding smokers.
  • Among the strongest of all times. With 26% THC, an unforgettable high even for avid smokers.

Zkittlez Auto


  • Candy sweet. Taste the rainbow with the delicious sweet berry and extremely fruity flavors.
  • Overwhelming yielder. This plant grows up to 100cm and produces 500gr/m2 in just 70 days!
  • Indica delight. A satisfying head high that leads into an anxiety-free and long-lasting body high.
  • Perfect for stealth growers. One of the most sought-after genetics, now stronger and more compact.
  • Bathed in trichomes. An insane amount of resin all over, perfect for extractors and hash makers.

Wedding Glue Auto


  • Perfect for concentrates.  An insane amount of resin makes it ideal for those seeking after the highest yields in plant extractions.
  • Super yielding auto. This strain can produce up to 550gr/m2 in 70 days!
  • Amongst the strongest of 2021! A ridiculously potent autoflower with 26% THC.
  • Ideal terps for a sweet tooth. A delicious sweet vanilla taste that leaves your mouth-watering.
  • Perfectly balanced. A well-balanced effect suited for both day and nighttime use.

Strawberry Banana Auto


  • A terrific 27% THC. The most potent autoflower of 2021!
  • Supersized yields. Outstanding production that can reach up to 600gr/m2.
  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie. Bold strawnana terps make for the most mouth-watering extracts.
  • One of the biggest autos out there. Impeccably selected genes results in an autoflower that grows around 150cm.
  • A different taste in every puff. Expect strawberry and banana flavors with sweet, earthy and bubblegum undertones that will keep you guessing!

Gelato Auto


  • Crazy powerful. For those who enjoy a potent high, lab-tested at 26% THC.
  • Unique terps. The particular ice cream flavor with sweet and zest undertones makes for the most delicious extractions.
  • Discreet. A stocky Indica-like structure makes it perfect for growing anywhere.
  • Extremely strong! Thanks to the high THC levels, it’s highly recommended for those trying to overcome mental block or just get your creative juices flowing.
  • Award-winning extractions. Our Gelato was among the top 3 best extractions in the 2020 edition of Spannabis.

California Snow Auto


  • The best from Cali. A superb strain bred from exceptional Californian Sativas and our own autoflowering genetics.
  • Insanely resinous flowers. The crazy trichome production shows its potency without even smelling it.
  • Just like biting an apple. The delicious mix of sweet candy and sour apples will leave you wanting more.
  • Sky-high. A very euphoric and long-lasting head rush, great for social scenarios.
  • Super frosty. Guess where this strain got the name from? The buds.

Mimosa Cake Auto


  • Legendary flowers. A remarkable terpene profile that makes for the best extractions.
  • Astounding 24% THC! A spot-on combination of the two legendary strains.
  • Ferociously fruity. Delicious fruity terpenes that will leave your mouth watering.
  • First-class autoflower. Impressive genetics that reach up to 130cm and yield 550gr/m2 in 63 days.
  • Perfectly balanced. A handcrafted high suited for both day and nighttime use.

Mexican Airlines Auto


  • A pure-bred Sativa. A fierce combination of Colombian and Mexican Sativas.
  • Mountain-high. Expect a full-on Sativa effect, no laziness.
  • Deep citrus aromas. Enjoy spicy lemon terps with pine undertones, deliciously potent.
  • Easy to grow. Suited for all types of growers with or without growing experience.
  • Strong and sturdy. This strain has a high resistance to pests and can easily withstand harsh conditions.

Original Afghan Kush Auto


This fast-flowering hybrid ranges between 60-90cm, usually staying on the shorter side while producing around 500gr/m2 in 56-63 days from seed to harvest. A superb choice for those looking to grow quick and resistant Indica-dominant strains with a narcotic and long-lasting corporal high, making it the perfect painkiller. Expect huge amounts of resin and that unforgettably pungent terpene mix of earthy, sweet, and spicy aromas that makes for that unique hashish that old-schoolers love.

Original Blueberry Auto


Thanks to the quality Indica genetics, this strain develops quite bushy and compact and grows beautifully frosted buds that boast unique purple, black and blue hues in the right conditions, making it a must for all types of growers who want to grow classic strains without any extra effort. This variety delivers both in size and yields, you can expect this variety to grow between 75-110cm tall, growing buds from head to toe on all branches in just under 65 days from seed and yielding up to 500gr/m2 of nugs that reek of a delicious mouth-watering terpene mix, making it a must for all lovers of powerful Indica effects and deliciously fruity terpenes.

Bud description

By harvest the buds will be completely covered with a thick layer of resin and can end up showing-off lots of colors; You can expect bright-green buds with sometimes pink, yellow, purple, and red hues all over the buds and foliage around them. giving it that sought-after sticky appearance. The calyxes become quite swollen, giving the buds a fat and pointy look, and as soon as you break a nug open, they’ll fill the room with the smell of freshly-picked sweet blueberries that will make everyone’s mouth water.

Smoke report

This is a powerful strain that, thanks to the 22% THC, hits as soon as you take the first puff; You will feel completely relaxed and feeling like you’re at a spa, and the effects will leave you feeling uplifted and will help boost conversation while you remain super chill, and anxiety-free. You won’t feel couch-locked but the high is quite potent, the relaxed, calm, and focused effect may feel like a Sativa type of high but it will put you to sleep if that’s what you’re after, so moderation is key if you don’t want to smoke yourself to sleep.

Plant appearance

Growing up to 110cm, this strain develops a typical Indica structure but slightly taller and longer internodes while producing yields of 500gr/m2. As soon as your plant starts growing you will see the wide fan leaves emerging from the thick stem and long side branches that will slowly start filling up with pointy rock-solid buds that are completely covered with a layer of resin and boast different colors all over as harvest time comes.

Pineapple Express Auto


  • Grow trouble-free. An overall easy-going plant, a great choice for new growers.
  • With great size comes great yields. The great size comes with insane yields that can reach 550gr/m2.
  • Tropical terps. Experience a mouth-watering blend of sweet tropical flavors and sour pineapple, just like a smoothie.
  • A cannabis christmas tree. This plant grows on the taller side and can reach up to 140cm, so have plenty of space!
  • Perfectly balanced. This strain provides a sweet peaceful and relaxing high, it won’t leave you couch-locked or paranoid.

Bruce Banner Auto


  • A high that packs a punch! With a whopping 25% THC, a hard-hitting strain even for avid consumers.
  • Monster sized! A huge auto that can reach up to 150cm and yields as much as it grows.
  • Perfect for hash makers. An impressive resin producer perfectly suited for commercial extractors and hash makers.
  • Remarkably relaxing. Stay 100% stress-free all day long, even on a busy day.

Blue Dream Auto


  • Extremely productive. Expect up to 600gr/m2 of buds that will be glistening in trichomes.
  • A monstrous Sativa. Being approx. 75% Sativa, this plant will grow up to 110cm with an insanely long main cola and side branches.
  • Ideal for commercial growers. A great choice for those looking for potent and high-yielding plants that produce exquisite resin.
  • Unique bag-appeal. The buds boast a beautiful mix of green and purple hues with thick orange pistils.
  • Guess the terps! The delicious tropical terps with floral hints will keep you guessing at every puff.

Kosher Cake Auto


  • Get baked! A powerful autoflower with 25% THC.
  • Tasty tokes. Expect a delicious flavor of cookie dough and sweet cake.
  • First-class yielder. A super-producer that can yield up to 550gr/m2 in just under 65 days!
  • The perfect cake every time.  Expect a pleasant head buzz with an extremely relaxing body high.
  • A trichome powerhouse. Frostbitten buds that look like they’ve been dipped in white frosting.

Strawberry Pie Auto


  • Mighty 26% THC! One of our most potent strains both in effects and terps, expect pure fruity deliciousness combined with an extraordinary potency.
  • Breathtaking trichomes. Nearing the end of flowering you’ll see the buds getting completely covered in resin from head to toes.
  • High-yielding. This strain can produce up to 550gr/m2 in less than 65 days!
  • Candy buds. The complex blend of cookie-dough, cream, and gas gives this strain a skunky strawberry candy taste.
  • Perfect for stealth growers. A uniquely compact cultivar that grows no more than 100cm, ideal for limited grow.

Lemon Ak Auto


  • Flawless 24% THC! Perfectly sweet n’ sour and extremely potent.
  • Charming and Fast Flowering. This strain can produce beautiful colored flowers with pink and red hues in 56-63 days.
  • Delicious resin. The unique terpene profile of skunk, citrus, and sweet pie makes for the most mouth-watering extracts.
  • Easy to grow. Requires low maintenance and is very resistant to pests, great for beginner growers indoors or outdoors!
  • Perfectly compact. Grows quite compact and stout, ideal for growers with limited spaces.
  • Fine balanced Sativa hybrid. Perfect for those looking for a fine-tuned cerebral and corporal effect.

Green Crack Auto


  • Mass producer. Insane yields of pearly-white buds, completely covered in trichomes.
  • Lip-smacking terps. A tasteful experience of spicy fruits and tropical mangos.
  • Stay active! Invigorating effects for those who want to stay alert throughout a busy day.
  • Conveniently compact. A homogeneous plant that grows around 90cm, easy to grow and easy to maintain.
  • Ideal for extractors. Potent high-quality resin for those looking to take their extractions to the next level.

Lemon Pie Auto


  • Flawless 24% THC! One of our latest creations, years and years of breeding resulted in a sweet n’ sour and extremely potent strain.
  • Rapid producer and Fast Flowering. This strain can produce 550gr/m2 of insanely resinous flowers in 56-63 days.
  • Delicious resin. The unique terpene profile of skunk, citrus, and sweet pie makes for the most mouth-watering extracts.
  • Easy to grow. Requires low maintenance and is very resistant to pests, great for beginner growers indoors or outdoors!
  • Perfectly compact. Grows quite compact and stout, ideal for growers with limited spaces.
  • Fine balanced Indica hybrid. Perfect for those looking for a fine-tuned cerebral and corporal effect.

Wedding Cheesecake Auto


  • Exquisite 24% THC! A deliciously powerful effect for those with a high tolerance.
  • An Infallible strain for commercial growers. This strain develops incredibly large buds with a thick layer of resin and can yield up to 600gr/m2 in just about 70 days .
  • Greatly resilient. Performs outstandingly in less-than-ideal conditions, great for growers who want to grow all year long despite the weather.
  • Rapid producer. Taking only 63 days from seed to harvest, this strain can produce up to 300gr per plant outdoors.
  • Mouth-watering terps. You can expect a flavorful taste of creamy cheesecake with fruity undertones that will keep you guessing after every puff.

Purple Punch Auto


  • A big plant with even bigger yields. Expect a monster autoflower with yields that reach up to 600gr/m2.
  • Terpene excellency. A distinctive terpene profile highly sought-after by extractors.
  • Top-shelf genetics. One of the most popular strains in Cali dispensaries now improved and in Auto version!
  • An Indispensable Indica. A potent Indica with a slightly Sativa edge, perfect for everyday use.
  • With 24% THC, the only punch you wanna take. A potent effect that’ll give you a one-two punch to the mind and body.

purple lemonade Auto


  • A purple giant. Expect this beautiful cultivar to grow up to 110cm and produce around 550gr/m2.
  • Sweet and sour. Enjoy these long-lasting bittersweet lemon terps.
  • Masterfully refined. Experience an uplifting kick with a pleasant body relaxation with this 70% Indica/30% Sativa hybrid.
  • Beautiful bag-appeal. The purple buds with green leaves and bright orange hairs will catch everyone’s attention.
  • Californian perfection. One of the best purple genetics arises from Cali genetics and our own autoflowers.

Orange Sherbet Auto


  • Outrageous 24% THC. One of our latest releases, with an extremely potent uplifting and exhilarating effect.
  • Perfect for all growers. This plant is perfectly suited for all types of growing, she can be grown indoors without a worry and will perform exceptionally well outdoors, all year long.
  • Sativa-dominant giant. Growing up to 150cm, this strain can produce up to 650gr/m2 in less than 70 days, perfect for commercial growers who want a quick harvest.
  • Incredibly resilient. This strain can go without much maintenance from seed to harvest, perfect for busy growers.
  • A must for extractors. Produces an insane amount of resin on the buds and surrounding foliage, so get your trim bin ready!
  • Top-shelf terps. Insane amounts of fresh orange juice terpenes will leave you wanting for more and more.

Fastberry Auto


An Indica dominant terpene power-house that boasts 19% THC. A sweet juicy fragrance with a freshly picked blueberry tart essence. Captivating and alluring to even the non-smoker, her aroma is a rich blend of ripe juicy berries, with tones of a sweet-scented, floral perfume. As her name suggests, she is a fast producing hybrid that will be ready to chop in 9 weeks. Sturdy and reliable autoflowering strain that is well suited for beginner growers and those looking for stealthy plants to grow outdoors. She thrives in most conditions and thanks to her super fast turnaround time, is an excellent choice for outdoors. Thanks to her Indica influence, her buds are small and dense, with a solid mass. They are hard to squeeze and coated in clusters of trichomes rich in blueberry floral terpenes, consisting of bright green, and magenta hues. When grinding a bud, the room will become filled with a blend of forest fruits, Blueberries, and fresh flowers.

Stardawg Auto


Stardawg Auto ტიტულოვანი Chemdawg #4 და Tres Dawg-ის გენეტიკებს დამატებული Fastbuds-ის გუნდის მაგგის შედეგია. იგი სატივა-ინდიკა ჰიბრიდს წარმოადგენს, გენიალური შესახედაობით, მოსავლით და ეფექტით. Stardawg Auto 9-10 კვირაში 22%-მდე THC შემცველობის ნაყოფს დებს, რომლის მოხმარება დამწყებებისთვის არაა რეკომენდირებული. ეს კანაფის თესლი წარმოადგენს სუვენირს და იყიდება მხოლოდ შენახვის, გენეტიკის კონსერვაციისთვის და სხვა საქართველოს კანონმდებლობით დაშვებული მიზნებისთვის. საქართველოში, კანაფის თესლის გაღივება და კულტივირება ჯერ კიდევ დასჯადი ქმედებაა.


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