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Liquid organic fertilizer “Organika” is the only Georgian-made fertilizer that has obtained an organic certificate and is officially allowed to grow ecologically clean products, both in Georgia and in the European Union.


Liquid organic fertilizer “Organika” is made from vegetable residues and is used for root and rootless nutrition for all types of plants – vegetables, garden vegetables, cereals (wheat, barley, corn, etc.), flowers, lawn grass, etc.;

“Organic” is also used as a means of improving and regenerating soil properties (humus aggregate state, etc.);

Fertilizer is used to grow environmentally friendly products and is particularly effective in organic farms.

Liquid organic fertilizer “Organika” was recognized as the best bioinnovation in 2011. It was awarded the QC100 quality mark and was awarded the Gold Crown of International Quality at the London Gala Ceremony.

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