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Nirvana’s Blue Dream Auto

Introducing Blue Dream Auto, an easy-to-grow, sativa-dominant hybrid. With a quick 9-week seed-to-harvest period, it’s perfect for beginners seeking a high-yielding, low-maintenance autoflowering variety full of fruity terpenes. Ideal for first-timers or those with limited experience.

Our sativa-dominant, autoflowering, feminized hybrid combines the best traits from its parents. Highly resistant and simple to cultivate, this strain requires minimal upkeep while delivering a sweet berry flavor and impressive yields of top-quality flowers. Developed by crossing our Blue Dream mother with a robust autoflower male, “Blue Dream Auto” is a dream come true!

Growing of Blue Dream Auto


Nirvana’s Blue Dream Auto, is a robust autoflowering strain perfect for all climates. Thrive indoors or outdoors with minimal upkeep, even on balconies or terraces in hot regions. This hybrid boasts 19.5% average THC, resin-rich buds, and is ideal for hash and extract enthusiasts. Great for beginners or experts, enjoy its uplifting effects and complex flavors.


Growing this strain indoors will take 63 days from seed until harvest. The light cycle can range from 12 to 18 hours, and the plant will flower automatically. A great tip is to grow some Blue Dream Autoflower in the same room you are keeping mother plants under 18/6.


The Blue Dream Autoflower is a fantastic producer for such a quick flowering plant. Outdoors, she can be harvested multiple times per year in hot climes, and between May until August in Northern Europe and the USA.

We recommend planting directly into larger sized pots for the tallest plants, that can be expected to grow as tall as 120 cm (47 inches) in some cases.

Fungal resistance of Blue Dream Auto

She has a strong resistance to mold and insects, and is very resistant to powdery mildew. It’s one of the reasons why she is such a popular strain to grow outdoors.

Growers who experience cold and wet climates will still get great results with Blue Dream Autoflower, and not have to worry about low yielding plants due to mildew.

Flowering time

growing Blue Dream Auto Indoor

Indoors, Blue Dream Autoflower will take 63-65 days from seed until harvest. It is advised to flower the plants under 12 or 18 hours of light.


One of the best things about this strain is how little maintenance she requires, yet is able to produce large yields in a short time.

Depending on the climate and season you are growing, will make a difference to the plant size and overall yield. Those living in a Mediterranean climate, like in California, can plant Blue Dream Autoflower from March until November with superb results.



It is possible to yield 500 g/m² (1,6 oz) per square foot indoors when using HID lighting and feeding a high amount of nutrient solution.

growing Blue Dream Auto Outdoor

Beginner growers can expect to harvest 90 grams (3 oz) per plant, which can be easily achieved during colder months. Mature plants will have a main central cola that is surrounded with thick, and large yielding side branches. There is a large amount of high grade sugar leaf that is produced around the heavily frosted buds.


Adding bamboo canes for support around the edge of the pots is well recommended, to help support the large developing side branches from the 4th week onwards. It is not advised to apply training to Autoflowers as some strains can have negative effects, causing stunted plants and ultimately low yields.

We recommend planting directly into a large sized pot such as 50 liters (11 gallons), or growing a high number of seeds in smaller sized pots such as 10 liters (2 gallons) in a Sea of Green.

Smell, taste and effect

Her aroma is a bold, fruity and floral scent that has a sweet and funky edge with flavors that will fill your mouth with a powerful cocktail of terpenes. The hash and extracts that she is capable of making are cup winning and give enormous returns when washing using bubble bags or making dry sift with screens.

Smoking a joint of Blue Dream Autoflower will keep you in an elevated state of euphoria, happiness and will spark your inner creative side, thanks to her high THC levels of about 19.5%.

She will keep you high for hours and is a brilliant strain for social scenarios and being outdoors in nature. Thanks to her sativa heritage, there is no heavy-bodied effect and is a great morning and daytime smoke.

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