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A big yet compact Sativa-leaning hybrid with a potent effect that will leave you wanting more; Cinderella Auto has been bred to grow with
a very high bud-to-leaf ratio, meaning that your plant will develop lots of buds and a few leaves, making it easier to trim and yielding more.

This variety can yield up to 550gr/m2 thanks to the multiple side branches that can grow as long as the main cola, and despite the 120cm height,
this variety still remains compact. The perfect strain for Sativa lovers with a limited grow space, you can expect a strong Sativa effect that will give you
a joyful upbeat high, a motivated state of mind, and an overall feel-good vibe that comes along with a delicious fruity terpene profile of sweet peaches
and ripe pineapple.

Cinderella Auto grows dark-green thick buds with elongated large-sized calyxes and lots and lots of long amber hairs all over them; Despite their thickness,
the nugs maintain an aery look due to the atypical long hairs that give them almost a fluffy appearance. Expect an admirable trichome production that makes
the buds look like they’ve been sprinkled with icing sugar and a delicious pineapple and peach blend with an overall tropical smell that will leave your mouth watering.





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