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Sunset Sherbet Fem * 3+1 Free Seed *

Pyramid Seeds Barcelona
3+1 Free seed
Indica Feminized

Variety: Sativa 10% / Índica 85%
Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies
Smell: Candy / Sweet
Crop : Indoor yield 350 gr/m5
Outdoor yield: 0,75-1 kg
THC:  20%
Indoor flowering: 50-60 days
Outdoor flowering: September

Meet Sunset Sherbet, a true aromatic kaleidoscope inherited from the legendary Girl Scout Cookies. Its complex terpene profile envelops you in notes of citrus, berries, and caramel, creating a rich, multifaceted flavor bouquet that instantly captures the mind. This strain embodies euphoria and relaxation, with a powerful and lasting effect that lifts the mood, relaxes the body and mind, relieves tension, and immerses in a state of bliss.

Sunset Sherbet opens the doors to a world of creativity and inspiration. In small doses, it stimulates the imagination, enhancing the ability to concentrate and think creatively, making it the ideal companion for artistic activities, music writing, or any other creative process. This strain will be your faithful companion after a stressful workday, helping to relieve stress, relax, and at the same time keep you in a state of light inspiration for socializing and cultural leisure.

Growing Sunset Sherbet does not require special efforts, making it accessible even to beginner gardeners. However, it is important to protect the plant from fungus and avoid sharp temperature fluctuations to ensure its healthy growth and abundant flowering.

In conclusion, Sunset Sherbet is the perfect combination of taste, aroma, and effect, capable of providing unforgettable moments of joy and relaxation, stimulating creative surges, and enriching your leisure time.

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