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Tahoe Cure Fem * 3+1 Free Seed *

Pyramid Seeds Barcelona
3+1 Free seed
Indica Feminized

Variety: Sativa 10% / Índica 90%
Genetics: Grape Stomper BX2 x OG Kush
Smell: fruit / skunk
Crop : Indoor yield 350 gr/m5
Outdoor yield: 0,75-1 kg
THC:  25%
Indoor flowering: 55 days
Outdoor flowering: September

Tahoe Cure is the perfect choice for those seeking relief and tranquility after a stressful day. Enriched with 90% indica, this strain is a true remedy for chronic pain, muscle spasms, stress, insomnia, and loss of appetite. From the very first inhale, Tahoe Cure offers a sense of complete carefreeness and relaxation, instantly alleviating physical and emotional stress. Its unique sedative effect makes it particularly suitable for evening or nighttime use, helping to dive into deep and restorative sleep.

The taste of Tahoe Cure captivates with a combination of fruity notes and a slight spiciness, leaving a rich skunky aftertaste. Its aroma is incredibly intense, dominated by grape and pine nuances, complemented by a distinctly sharp edge that awakens the senses. This strain will become your reliable companion in combating everyday ailments, bringing the desired relief and allowing you to enjoy every moment of relaxation.

Try Tahoe Cure and discover a world of exceptional comfort and harmony, where stress and diseases are left behind, and only calmness and joy of being are ahead.

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