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Nirvana’s Amnesia Haze Feminized seeds

Amnesia Haze Feminized, a popular European favorite, boasts rich flavors and an uplifting, euphoric high. With THC levels of 16-20%, this Cannabis Cup winner offers lasting tropical, earthy, citrus, and orange tastes.

Try Amnesia Haze and discover its delightful taste and effects, quickly understanding its popularity. This strain brings happiness and focus, perfect for busy schedules and staying sharp during workdays.

Avoid smoking Amnesia Haze late at night, as it promotes focus, motivation, and determination better suited for mornings and daytime.

Growing of Amnesia Haze Feminized

Amnesia Haze is an 80/20 sativa dominant hybrid that is created by crossing a South Asian Indica with a Cambodian land race. The result is a strain that produce hybrid vigor with exceptional results. She is suitable for both outdoors and indoors as long as it’s in a Mediterranean like climate, as she will need a longer period to fully ripen.

The aroma of Amnesia Haze when flowering is a sharp citrus blend of lemon, orange, and mandarin terpenes, that will fill the room as she begins to pack on some serious weight.


Expect Amnesia Haze to grow medium tall with an abundance of long side branches. This girl will grow vigorously during the vegetative stage, and loves to be trained, thanks to her sativa heritage. We recommend Amnesia Haze to more experienced growers who are more familiar with challenging, long-flowering Sativa cultivars. Once flowered, plants will double in size and finish around 150-180 cm (59-70 inches) in height.


Like many sativa cultivars, they can become huge outdoors and produce enormous amounts of buds. Amnesia Haze is certainly one of those plants, making her a cash cropper’s dream.

Growers who live in California will find Amnesia Haze Feminized can easily compete with the famous Blue Dream in terms of production and how easy she is to maintain.

We advise plating the Amnesia Haze seeds in April with a harvest date of early November in mind.

Fungal resistance

She is a beast of a plant and can take hot and cold weather with no problems, and does not suffer with mold or mildew much.

Flowering time

flowering of Amnesia Haze Feminized Indoor

A fully blooded sativa that will take almost 3 months in some cases. She will require patience and, due to her oversized yields, can take between 70-84 days of flowering before Amnesia Haze will be ready for harvest.


Outdoors, Amnesia Haze will finish flowering between 10-12 weeks, depending on the phenotype. She is a long-flowering variety that is best suited for a hot climate such as California or the Mediterranean.



Indoors, she is capable of producing large yields of 650 g/m² (2,1 oz/sq ft).


A true monster producer that with the right training, nutrients, and climate can easily yield 100 grams (3.5 oz) per plant of top shelf flowers.

Plant height & structure

Amnesia Haze will finish at a final height of around 180 cm (39 inches), however can be controlled with plant training techniques. Her structure can be described as tall and bushy, so make sure you give her the extra room indoors and outdoors.

Training of Amnesia Haze Feminized

A wonderful cultivar for training, especially if you really want to take her yields to the next level. We advise low stress training, topping, fimming, super-cropping, SCROG, and pruning. A super-versatile plant that is easy to work with and a great entry-level sativa strain ideal for a beginner grower.

Smell, taste and effect

Amnesia Haze Feminized is a household favorite among European growers and smokers as she has such a profound flavor and aroma. Be prepared for Cannabis Cup winning flavors and an uplifting, euphoric high that keeps on going, due to the THC levels of 16-20%. Her flavors will last all the way down to the bottom of the joint, which can be experienced as tropical, earthy, citrus, and orange.

Once you try Amnesia Haze, you will fall in love with her taste, effect, and quickly see why she is easily one of the most popular haze variety on the market.

Smoking Amnesia Haze will be a delight to the senses, with feelings of happiness and focus. Certainly, one for those who keep a busy schedule and like to be sharp throughout a working day.

We recommend not smoking too much late at night as she can keep you in a focused, motivated, and determined mindset, that is much better suited for mornings and daytime.





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