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Nirvana’s AK-48 Autoflower seeds

AK-48 Autoflower is our automatic version of AK-48, meaning you can grow this stealthy and low maintenance strain all year round. A super durable hybrid that is well known for its fast flowering time, sticky buds and high resilience to the outdoors. A must-have for growers living in hot climates and anyone new to growing autoflowering Cannabis plants.

An incredible, discreet performer outside in Southern Europe with an unbelievable resistance to mold and mildew. Those who love intense fruity, earthy and floral flavors will keep going back to the curing jars for this quick flowering, frosty lady that packs a real punch in terms of flavor and effect.

Growing of Ak-48 Autoflower

The breeders at Nirvana were able to create a solid autoflowering line by crossing AK-48 with Ruderalis. We wanted to enhance the flowering time to suit outdoor growers, and were able to do so by creating an autoflowering hybrid that can be harvested 11-13 weeks after planting.

This strain is an excellent choice for growers who want a discreet, medium-sized Cannabis plant that has a low aroma when flowering.


She is a fast-growing variety that will grow with an open structure and medium-sized internodes. AK-48 Autoflower will produce plenty of side branches and growth shoots, making her a bushy but low profile cultivar.

Her final height will remain around 100 cm (39 inches), making her ideal for growers with limited room indoors. With training, it is possible to reduce the final height even further, if challenged with limited indoor space.


One of the most reliable plants that you can find outdoors as she is tough, resilient and thrives in hot or cold climates. She particularly loves hot weather and can take large amounts of organic or hydroponic feed. Her terpene profile is fruity and floral, so you don’t need to worry about her causing unwanted aromas. An excellent strain for growers who want a stealth and low profile cultivar that is not too aromatic as well.

Fungal resistance

AK-48 Autoflower is a tough, resistant strain like its mother so can take hot days and cold nights very well, making her perfect for balcony, terrace and outdoor growing. Growers who live in a hot climate will find this cultivar to be super easy to grow and maintain.

Flowering time

growing Ak-48 Autoflower Indoor

Thanks to her autoflowering traits, AK-48 Autoflower will require between 77-90 days before she is fully ready. For the best results, provide either 12 or 18 hours of HID lighting.

We advise growing these seeds closely together in small-sized pots and working with a large volume of plants to get the most out of your indoor garden.


Depending on the climate and what time of year, flowering time will take 11-13 weeks. We recommend planting outdoors from June until September. If possible, keep your plants growing in a South-facing location to get as much direct light as possible.


growing Ak-48 Autoflower Indoor

Yields can go up to 400 g/m² (1,3 oz/sq ft) depending on light cycle, pot size and nutrients. It is advised to grow AK-48 Autoflower indoors under 12 or 18 hours of HID lighting for the best results.


Yields of 120 grams (4 oz) per plant are no problem, depending on the time of year, and how large your plants become outdoors. The best time of the year to plant outdoors is between June until September.

Plant height & structure

Thanks to the influence from the Top 44 x Early Special, AK-48 Autoflowering will remain small, finishing between 80-100 cm once flowered. Her buds will fill out from head to toe, making AK-48 Auto easy to trim and a great choice for beginner growers who are new to autoflowering varieties.


It is advised to grow AK-48 Auto in a Sea of Green, as she grows with multiple side branching with uniform characteristics. The plants will remain uniform and keep a discreet and low profile.

Ak-48 Autoflower Smell, taste, and effect

Her smell can be described as a fruity, berry and floral terpenes with overtones of sweet hash. Certainly, an old school profile that has mild savory and spice notes. Once grinding a dried flower, the aroma is more emphasized with a bold, earthy hash smell which has mild citrus.

When smoking a joint of flowers, there will be an immediate taste of berry fruits with earthy-citrus overtones. This automatic takes on a smooth fruity edge, making her perfect for those who enjoy a fruity mouthwash when smoking. Fans of sweet, fruity and floral Cannabis will be licking their lips after every pull of a joint.

AK-48 Auto is well suited for kick-starting the day as well as daytime use. Thanks to her THC levels of 14-16%, and unique terpene profile, users can expect a clear and focused high, that has a relaxing body effect. She is well suited for days at the beach, A barbecue with friends or for chilling at home gaming or watching a box set of movies.

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