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Nirvana’s AK-48 seeds

AK 48 feminized seeds check all the boxes for an easy-to-grow, resilient plant with large yields and excellent outdoor performance. With a delicious flavor, it‘s perfect for beginners and experts alike. This landrace hybrid is ideal for hash makers and extract artists, as it provides amazing returns in bubble hash or dry sift production. As a durable feminized hybrid, AK 48 offers frosty buds, balanced effects, and speedy flowering. High in THC, it‘s great for rough climates and challenging weather, making it the go-to strain for any environment and fast-flowering needs. Grow AK48 with ease and enjoy its many benefits!


A four way hybrid created by the breeders at Nirvana, that is a cross of Colombian Gold x Thai x Mexican x Afghani. By crossing land race varieties, we were able to create a hybrid strain that has a strong resistance to wind, cold, and plant disease thanks to her Afghani heritage.

AK-48 will produce excellent results outdoors and is ideal for growing in colder climates and growers who experience short summers. Expect true hybrid vigor to be on display and a cultivar that brings out the most desirable traits from the parents.


AK48 feminized a compact plant with a height of about 120 cm (47 inches). This plant features a uniform structure, a central cola, and sturdy side branches. Ideal for Sea of Green and SCROG methods. Expect a quick flowering time of 79 weeks, perfect for fast harvests or commercial crop rotations. Boost your garden with AK48 feminized plants today!


AK48 feminized seeds are perfect for short Summer growers. This strain boasts a bushy structure, blending indica and sativa traits. Easy to grow, it needs minimal maintenance and tolerates heat well. For optimal results, position plants south-facing. Some phenotypes may finish in just 50 days!

Fungal resistance

This hardy plant excels with mold resistance and adapts to hot or cold climates. Ideal for mountain areas with strong winds and high UV exposure.

Flowering time of Ak 48 Feminized


Select phenotypes complete flowering in 50 days, while others need 63 days. Grow AK48 Feminized seeds in larger pots for longer growth, but use 7.5 or 10-liter (2-gallon) pots in a SOG setup to shorten flowering time.


In most climates, plants need 79 weeks to grow. Plant outdoors in April and harvest by late October for best results.


growing Ak 48 Feminized Indoor

AK48 is a highly productive plant despite its short, bushy stature. It can yield 500 g/m² (1.6 oz/sq ft) and with techniques like LST and Topping, you can increase yields even more.


Yields of 750 grams (26.5 oz) per plant can easily be achieved under the right conditions. Growers who live in a hot climate will be able to get the most out of this hybrid.

Ak 48 Feminized height & structure

Despite her land race lineage, she will not grow more than 120 cm (47 inches). Her structure can be described as stocky with a main central cola and medium length side branches. A very uniform and low profile plant ideal for SOG, poly tunnels and greenhouses.


She is a straightforward to work with plant that reacts incredibly well to topping, which will increase the number of growth shoots. It is also a good idea to prune the lower parts of the canopy before flowering, to allow the plants to focus on producing top-heavy buds.

Smell, taste, and effect of Ak 48 Feminized

The smell of AK-48 is earthy, sweet, fruity, and floral, encompassing an old school smell. When breaking a bud open, she will release a slightly pungent and lemon profile that adds to the complexity further.

Her flavor can be described as sweet, floral, fruity with a citrus edge, with a citrus edge that will keep you guessing.
The effects of AK-48 are both euphoric and deeply relaxing, meaning that she is perfect for social scenarios and daytime use. After smoking a joint, users will feel an overwhelming sensation of happiness with sparks of creativity.

Thanks to her well-balanced effects, this strain is well suited for beginner smokers who do not enjoy highly potent indica or racy sativa.

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