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Auto Melonade Runtz 3 seeds pack

Dutch Passion
high thc
Hybrid Autoflower


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Auto Melonade Runtz has been received with great praise within the Dutch Passion test team. The buds of this strain really have a unique terpene profile combined with a very high potency.

Why should I buy Auto Melonade Runtz autoflower seeds?

  • Auto Melonade Runtz is a powerful Runtz autoflower crossing that is incredibly potent and pungent due to the addition of Melonade genetics. The dried buds have nice bag appeal and a commercial look.
  • She is suitable for every type of grower (including beginners). This cannabis strain does well in soil and coco-fibre,but can also be grown hydroponically for the highest yields. She has an XL yield and has an average autoflower seed to harvest time of 11 weeks.
  • Auto Melonade Runtz is a strong and robust hybrid autoflower plant with good branching, sturdy buds with a unique terpene profile. She usually has a fruity and creamy aroma and taste. The THC content is high and the effects are very potent.
  • This is a unique autoflower version of the photoperiod Melonade Runtz. Like the rest of the Dutch Passion autoflower seed collection Auto Melonade Runtz produces only female autoflower plants. The hybrid effect of this THC-rich autoflower version is very powerful, yet relaxing and pleasant.

Auto Melonade Runtz has a fruity and creamy aroma. The taste is sweet and fruity with creamy and doughy notes in the background. She has a unique terpene profile with farnesene in the top 6 terpenes present.

Auto Melonade Runtz is a potent autoflower with both a high THC percentage and a powerful terpene profile. In terms of aroma, she leans most towards a mix of sweet, creamy and fruity notes. The most dominant are the doughy/creamy tones of the Runtz genetics. The fruity notes vary from tropical, berry-like to slightly sour. This makes her an ideal strain for cannabis connoisseurs looking for a unique sensory experience.

Some phenotypes sometimes seem to resemble Gorilla Glue in terms of smell. Others seem to be a bit more towards a fruity ‘Kush’. All in all a very complex and interesting fragrance profile! In terms of taste, this Melonade Runtz autoflower version is also very pleasant. The fruity notes are at their best here, the ‘inhale’ can be nice and fruity with notes of berries, tropical fruit and melon.

The creamy and doughy notes are a little more in the background and come more to the fore on the ‘exhale’. The most common terpenes in this autoflower cross are in no particular order; limonene, linalool, myrcene, caryophyllene and humulene. And the relatively new and unknown terpene called farnesene (or ‘B-farnesene’ ) is also strongly present.

This is the first time the Dutch Passion geneticists have concentrated this terpene in a strain, placing farnesene in the top 5-6 of the total terpene composition.

Auto Melonade Runtz is a powerful cannabis strain with a high THC content, a unique terpene profile and a strong high

Auto Melonade Runtz is an autoflower with an extremely high THC level. This cannabis strain, available in feminised autoflower seeds, maxes out at around 25% THC. On average, THC levels are somewhere between 20-25% (delta-9 THC). The first lab result just after development gave a result of 24% delta-9 THC and a total terpene content of 1.6%, which is also exceptionally high. This is a potent strain with powerful, fast-hitting effects.

What exactly are the genetics in Auto Melonade Runtz?

Auto Melonade Runtz was created by crossing an Auto Pink Runtz mother and a Melonade father (made by reversing an elite mother plant). Our Melonade genetics are a cross of the legendary and cup-winning Lemon Zkittle and a clone-only Lemon Tree. The offspring was in turn crossed with a female Auto Pink Runtz through the well-known feminisation process.

This new autoflower is the Gold-standard of contemporary autoflower genetics. Not too big, not too small, but just right and she doesn’t mess around when it comes to yield. By combining the well-known Runtz and Melonade genetics, a beautiful new hybrid has been created that will appeal to every grower.

Auto Melonade Runtz is a hybrid THC-rich cannabis strain with a strong cannabinoid profile, an average flowering time & a high yield

Auto Melonade Runtz has been received with great praise within the Dutch Passion test team. The buds of this strain really have a unique terpene profile combined with a very high potency. The flowers also look super white and frosty. In addition, the dried buds are dense and compact. All in all, great bag appeal making her very suitable for real ‘cannasseurs’.

During the vegetative phase, every cannabis grower will note that this is an enjoyable strain to grow. She grows easily and has many side branches that gradually grow longer. Most plants exhibit the classic Dutch Passion auto structure. A beautiful thick main bloom surrounded by many well-developed side blooms.

A true growth explosion takes place during weeks 4 and 5. The branches start their stretching period. This ensures that the plant will increase considerably in size during the next 3 weeks. The internodes are fairly close together and this ensures relatively well-connected buds. From week 7 onwards, trichome production really starts and the buds start to look whiter.

By week 9 everything is packed with crystals and you see the true nature of this beautiful autoflower strain. The buds are compact and glisten beautifully with THC-rich trichomes. In general, this strain has a seed to harvest time of around 11 weeks. In exceptional cases they bloom 1-2 weeks longer, especially when they are not grown in optimal conditions.

Outdoors, the flowering time can also take a little longer and she needs an average of around 13 (to a maximum of 15) weeks to fully ripen. Her rounded and compact buds make her easy to cut and manicure. The buds are very sticky, so the use of gloves is recommended. However, while cutting you can use the sticky resin on your scissors to make delicious finger hash.

Auto Melonade Runtz is an average sized plant but despite this she has a high yield. The strain grows sturdy side branches, and the buds are still relatively compact even at the bottom. The internode distance is average. This creates buds that are close together on the stem but do not completely merge.

The genetics used for Auto Melonade Runtz guarantee the following properties:

  • A fast, stable and potent THC-rich autoflower cannabis strain with a hybrid plant and bloom structure which are also easy to harvest
  • Auto Melonade Runtz is a powerful cannabis strain with a very high THC level which can reach up to 25%, the terpene profile is also high and this makes her ideal for cannabis connoisseurs (cannasseurs)
  • This strain is easy to grow and, due to the classic Dutch Passion auto structure, ensures high yields when grown naturally, but also in a SOG culture (packed together in small diameter containers which restrict side growth, focussing bud growth on the main bloom)
  • Auto Melonade Runtz is best suited for indoor cultivation, but can also be grown outdoors. Her plant structure is medium to large and she produces buds with a unique cannabinoid and terpene profile.

Effects of Auto Melonade Runtz

The high of Auto Melonade Runtz can best be described as powerful. The effects are strong and psychoactive. The sky-high THC levels on this strain pack a real punch. This makes it very suitable for more experienced smokers. The high has both a physical and mental effect, this hybrid effect provides a pleasant and relaxing experience that doesn’t feel too lethargic or heavy.

In general, the high starts off a bit more uplifting and energetic. And as the high progresses, or more is consumed, the high will transform into a slightly stronger ‘body-stone’ that lets you relax and enjoy the moment. Don’t smoke too much as it can result in a strong ‘couch-lock’. Due to the nice compact structure of the buds, you can even make a decently filled joint from a small bud. Enjoy!

The bloom time of Auto Melonade Runtz

Auto Melonade Runtz has an average autoflower seed to harvest time of around 11 weeks. This is typically the time it takes to fully complete the grow indoors in a controlled environment. This autoflower is also best grown on a 20/4 schedule. This gives the plants a short rest period so that they can recover and prepare for the next day.

In an unstable indoor climate it can sometimes take 1 to 2 weeks longer to fully ripen. This also applies to outdoor cultivation. Usually the greatest day/night temperature differences are outdoors and this can slightly delay the total autoflower seed to harvest time.

In a temperate outdoor climate it is best to plan for 12 to a maximum of 15 weeks. In a dry and sunny (e.g. Mediterranean) climate, most plants will be ready for harvest within 11-12 weeks.This gives the very white buds an even more beautiful and unique appearance!

The yield from Auto Melonade Runtz

Auto Melonade Runtz is a medium sized plant, which makes her easy to manage in the grow room. Despite the medium size, she has a potential XL yield. She is very suitable for growing naturally or in a SOG culture. The XL harvests result in an indoor grow with yields up to approximately 400-550g m2, depending on the light intensity, the growing method and the number of plants.

Outdoors or as a single plant indoors, an average yield of 50-100g will be possible, even for novice growers. Experts will be able to achieve higher yields, especially when grown in a hydro system under strong LED lights. It is not difficult to achieve a good yield with this autoflower. And even if you don’t get the most out of her, the potent buds make each bud last a little longer than expected.

Advice from our experts

Auto Melonade Runtz is a powerful autoflower with strong genes from several award-winning USA genetic lines. Crossing these hybrid cannabis genetics has created a stable and robust autoflower that can take a beating and still deliver. This makes her suitable for beginners and growers who are still improving their skills. She grows very easily and quickly naturally, without any grow techniques.

If you like to grow in soil/coco, preferably give her a pot of at least 15-20L for a stress-free experience. If you want to use a slightly larger container, we recommend a pot of around 30-35L. This ultimately ensures that she can grow larger and has a better buffer against dehydration and possible nutritional deficiencies.

The same applies to outdoor cultivation. Choose a larger pot for a better buffer zone, making it easier for her to thrive in a variety of conditions. It is best to give black pots a white cover on the outside, so that the light of the sun is reflected and the root temperature of the plants does not rise further and cause damage (black containers absorb a lot of heat in direct sunlight).

She can also be grown in the open ground in more sunny and dry areas, but for the highest yield we recommend growing her in containers, preferably smart pots or root pouches for outdoors and airpots for indoor cultivation.

Information about Auto Melonade Runtz

This is the perfect autoflower strain for those who love a potent cannabis strain with strong smelling and tasty terpenes. The Dutch Passion test team was immediately sold after smoking and vaping this strain during the blind trials. The Farnesene terpene present gives the aroma profile something unique that we have not experienced before. We therefore look forward to your experience and are very happy to share this creation with you!

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