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AutoMist Odour Diffuser for ONA liquid

An on-the-go odour neutraliser, giving you a fresh smelling vehicle all day, every day. The AutoMist Odour Diffuser is a vehicle odour neutraliser that works to eliminate general odours and remove smoke smells from your car.

This electronic odour remover neutralises bad smells by working in conjunction with ONA odour removal liquids, so you can switch up your fragrance whenever you like!

AutoMist Odour Diffuser

AutoMist Odour Diffuser disperses a steady, gentle mist into the air of your vehicle working to neutralise bad smells and replace them with a natural, fresh smell created with essential oils. This vehicle odour neutraliser is the best way to keep your car smelling fresh.

The AutoMist is a quiet device that can fit perfectly in your vehicles cup holder, so it won’t hang from any mirrors, or stick out from your dashboard. The colour changing feature can be set to individual colours, or a gradient mix.

For best results, use this electronic odour remover with  *ONA Liquids.* ONA Liquids will come in a concentrated state, so if too strong, dilute with water until satisfied with strength. The perfect duo to remove smoke smells from your car and any additional odours that may be present.



Due to an automatic safety shut off feature, during the first use please allow up to 4 minutes for the AutoMist device to fully absorb the liquid.

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