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Top Crop

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Barrier is the best defence for your plants. It is a 100% mineral product with many benefits. Its high alkalinity, gives plants miraculous push after hard times

Barrier by Top Crop is the best defence for your plants. It is a 100% mineral product with many benefits. Its high alkalinity, from the silicon, gives plants that miraculous push after hard times, due to stress, drought, etc. It also helps increase pH in hydroponic nutrient solutions.
Barrier is easy to use and highly effective, with notable results in just a short time as it also reinforces cell walls to make plants more resistant to pests like insects and mites, as well as fungal issues.


It is best to spray Top Crop’s Barrier onto the leaves, as this is the fastest way to get the best results. Apply Barrier every 7 or 14 days, as needed.
Always respect the dose on the product label. In this case, start with the minimum dose of 0.25 ml/l of water and increase if necessary over the following uses, up to the maximum of 0.5 ml/l of water. If using in irrigation, the initial dose is 0.5 ml/l of water.
However, the benefits of Top Crop’s Barrier don’t stop here. This fertiliser boosts chlorophyll levels, encouraging photosynthesis and promoting better development. Plus, it helps the plant absorb CO2 from the environment, boosting metabolic processes for a better harvest. The extra potassium also encourages flowering.


You can combine Barrier with other Top Crop fertilisers for the growth and/or bloom phase. We recommend storing this fertiliser in a dry place, out of direct sunlight. This will help maintain the quality of the product. . Have a look the crop table of Top Crop to guide you in the applications of each product. Shake the product well before each use.


1 Liter, 250 ml

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