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Black Cherry Punch Fem * 3+1 Free Seed *

Pyramid Seeds Barcelona
3+1 Free seed
Indica Feminized

Variety: Sativa 10% / Índica 90%
Genetics: Blackberry Kush x Cherry Pie
Smell: Earthy / Sweet
Crop : Indoor yield 350 gr/m2
Outdoor yield: 0,75-1 kg
THC:  25%
Indoor flowering: 60 days
Outdoor flowering: September

Black Cherry Punch is a true masterpiece among indica strains. Its unique purple hues not only captivate the eye but also invite you on a journey through the world of flavor and aroma, where every nuance matters. Created through a unique crossing of Blackberry Kush and Cherry Pie, Black Cherry Punch rightfully takes one of the leading positions in terpene content, promising not just a magnificent taste but also a powerful effect.

The flavor palette of this strain plays with the colors of fruit diversity. Adorned with earthy notes at the start, it smoothly transitions into a sweet floral aftertaste, leaving a delightful sense of freshness. The aroma of Black Cherry Punch creates a cozy and warm atmosphere, awakening memories of homemade cherry pie, complemented with sharp woody accents.

A THC content of 25% provides a strong cerebral effect, relaxing the body and easing pain, while maintaining mental clarity and focus. This strain is the perfect choice for rest days spent in the solitude of home. It is ideal for evening time, when you can fully relax and enjoy the pure and soothing effect generously provided by Black Cherry Punch.

Allow yourself to dive into an atmosphere of relaxation and harmony, choosing Black Cherry Punch for those special moments when you need to rest both body and soul.

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