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Blue Dream Regular Nirvana’s 10 Seeds pack

10 seeds pack


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Nirvana’s Blue Dream Regular 10 Seeds pack

Blue Dream Regular Cannabis Seeds Description

Blue Dream Regular is a popular sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is high in THC and widely used for medicinal purposes, particularly for stress, depression, and pain. It’s relatively easy to grow and typically takes 7 to 9 weeks to complete flowering. The buds of Blue Dream are dense, and they have a sweet blueberry taste that provides a calming euphoria.

This strain offers fast relief without any heavy sedative effects. Thanks to her Blueberry indica parent, Blue Dream has a sticky and sweet berry flavor, while her sativa Haze #1 parentage side shows off during flowering. This is when the plant can quickly double in size, reaching over 2 meters tall. The two strains balance each other well, producing a high that is both relaxing and uplifting without making you feel tired or anxious.

If you’re looking for a strain that grows quickly, Blue Dream Regular is an excellent choice. She can easily double in height after switching to flowering, which means you can cut the vegetative period short and still get a pretty tall plant.

This is the perfect strain for those who enjoy high-THC and sativa strains but can suffer from anxiety and paranoia. It may leave you with a dry mouth, but that’s the only downside to this California gem.

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