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extraction bags • BUBBLE BAGS 3x kit 18 LT



Only 3 left in stock

Set of 3 extraction bags of 5 gallon – 20L: • Purple 25 micron • Yellow 73 micron • Blue 220 micron


The Bubble Bags by Airontek are made of high quality and long lasting nylon, they are equipped with built in cord for easily
binding the bag after extraction and included in the set you will also find 1 x screen mesh and a bag to facilitate the transport of the Kit.
Airontek’s Bubble Bags/extraction bags allow you to
• extract precious vegetable resins
• separate the extraction into different varieties
• remove dust, leaves and other contaminants
• select all the smallest and most valuable high quality crystals and make sure they are not lost.
• the different screen sizes allow you to choose with which degree to filter the vegetable resins
• each color corresponds to a screen size, to facilitate its recognition.

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