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The perfect strain for novice and moderate consumers looking for added medicinal benefits. With a 1:1 balance of around 7% THC and 7% CBD, her subtle,
yet uplifting effects make for an amazing wake n bake strain or those who prefer less psycho-active sensations.

Just like her sister strain Green Crack, she produces large yields of sweet mango-flavored bud, deserving of the highest shelf in any dispensary.
Medical patients may find this strain useful for therapeutic purposes such as treating aches and pains, muscle spasms, cramps, relieving feelings
of nausea and sickness, reducing anxiety, and insomnia.
CBD 1:1 grows buds that are long, dense with a head-turning shiny appearance. Her bright orange pistils gently wrap themselves around the fat, frosted calyxes,
giving her maximum bag appeal and a chunky, compact appearance. The buds are large-sized and hard to squeeze, a gram of this flower goes a long way.
Thanks to the equal ratio of THC and CBD, this hybrid has a very gentle, calming, and pleasant effect. After lighting a joint, clarity and focus will increase followed
by a very mild physical buzz courtesy of the 7% CBD. We strongly recommend this medical rich autoflowering strain to anyone who is new to smoking Cannabis,
who want to enjoy ripe Mango flavors with no overwhelming effects.





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