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Dark Devil Auto® 3+1 Free Seed

sweet seeds
3+1 Free seed


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Dark Devil Auto® Sweet Seeds cannabis strain 3+1 Free Seed pack

Looking for an amazing autoflowering strain? Look no further than Dark Devil Auto! This strain is the result of hybridizing one of our most beloved autoflowering genetics, the incredible Big Devil XL Auto® (SWS28), with an exotic autoflowering strain that has purple flowers.

The purple characteristic of Dark Devil Auto is inherited from its ancestors in the Chitral region of the Pakistani Hindu Kush, which is very close to Afghanistan. This not only brings beautiful purple colors but also contributes to a faster flowering period and sweet aromas.

From germination, Dark Devil Auto® (SWS38) shows a strong hybrid vigor. Plants grow with the appearance of indica-sativa hybrids, with a strong central stem, numerous side branches, and a big main cola. Resin production is abundant both in the flowers and surrounding leaves. Its sweet and fruity aroma has incense hints and delightful citrus tones.

Plus, Dark Devil Auto has won numerous awards, including 1st Prize for Auto of the Year in Soft Secrets 2014. Don’t miss out on this fantastic autoflowering strain – try Dark Devil Auto!

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