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Like its namesake, El Chapo by Ghetto, in collaboration with Sour Genetics, was hunted for a long time. When first discovered in 2015, El Chapo was known as Pheno#1 by the Sour Circle and is one of the most famous hybrids. El Chapo was an underground hit in London and went from local fame to international notoriety. The signature strain of Sour Genetics has been given a global platform and has blown up ever since. The difference between this El Chapo and the one made famous by Netflix is one is known for blowing up cars and planting bombs. And the other is known for its explosive terpene profile and heavy hitting high.


The breeders of El Chapo conducted extensive phenohunts to find this plant, and felt that they had found a plant ready to make the headlines. A cross of Sour Diesel IBL, Biker Kush, and a Karma Genetics Headbanger, Chapo epitomizes gas and sour. Born in North London in 2015, it first made waves across the UK cannabis scene before becoming one of the most sought-after cannabis strains on the planet.


El Chapo is a mostly sativa hybrid with a strong diesel and kush heritage. The makeup of the cross is Sour Diesel IBL (ECSD) x Headbanger, 75% Sour Diesel IBL and 25% Biker Kush.


The flowers of El Chapo won’t be huge, but there will be plenty of them. The plant produces branches with smallish flowers that are thin in the middle and fatten at the top. The color, at times, is almost silver in appearance thanks to layers of trichomes, but underneath the layers, there are dark greens. The most striking thing about El Chapo is how frosty the flowers are.

Smell / Taste / Aroma

El Chapo is delicious and full of unmistakable diesel flavors and sour tones. It is the perfect blend of Sour and Biker Kush. It is nothing short of a connoisseur’s dream.


El Chapo is dropping bombs in all the right places. With >20% THC and an explosive terp profile, you better be ready for a most wanted stimulating sativa high.

Growing / Flowering

El Chapo is a great plant to grow. Everything about it is a winner. The frosty buds and stunning looks might make you question your eyesight. This mostly sativa will produce ultra yields of world-class flowers in 9-10 weeks. If your grow room has height restrictions, you might need to top these plants because they grow tall. However, if grown outdoors, you face no such issue and can cultivate a tree. Growers with prior knowledge will get the best from this plant, and not to put beginners off, but there are easier plants to cultivate if you’re new to growing.

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