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FASTBUDS’ Mix Pack Auto 5 Seeds (შერეული)

420 Fast Buds
5 seeds pack
mixed seeds


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Mixed pack of 5 Autoflowering seeds

Fast Buds just made your life easier with the Assorted Auto Mix Pack offering a diverse selection of the finest autoflowering strains for a fraction of the price. Get your hands on the best autos and fill your garden with a variety of different effects, colors, and aromas that’ll satisfy your mood at any time of the day and night. Relaxing calm or euphoric buzz? Why only choose one? Fast Buds’ Auto Mix Pack offers the best bang for your buck with a variety of autoflowers that will not disappoint in terms of yields, flavors, and speed, making it an excellent way for growers of all levels to try top-notch strains while remaining easy to grow and accessible to beginners. You don’t need to set up different light cycles or separate grow rooms, these varieties can be grown individually or together; Whatever your setup is, you’re sure to enjoy yourself with some top-shelf harvests. Add a bit of mystery to your next grow cycle and make growing more fun with the Mix Pack Auto by Fast Buds. There’s a little something for everyone!

Mix Pack Bud Description

From beautiful purple buds with reddish hues to neon-green buds with bright orange hairs; Expect visually stunning buds covered in resin from head to toe with all kinds of colors and shapes that boast excellent bag appeal while producing a variety of aromas that both recreational and medical users will enjoy, ensuring a little bit of everything in every Fast Buds’ Auto Mix Pack.

Smoke Reports

From super potent, hard-hitting, and almost psychedelic to deeply relaxing, narcotic effects; Mix Pack Auto by Fast Buds offers a diverse range of effects for both recreational and medicinal uses. THC and CBD content can vary from low to moderate to high, giving you the opportunity to enjoy all types of effects. Whether you’re a high-tolerance consumer or a novice in the art of toking, our Assorted Auto Mix Pack has got you covered.

Plant Appearance

Mix Pack Auto by Fast Buds offers the best Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid autoflowering strains. All of these autoflowers are extremely hardy, resilient to diseases and pests, and finish much fast than other types of seeds while being able to adapt to all types of climate conditions and flower in any season. From thin, tall Sativas to short, bushy Indicas and everything in between; Every strain in Fast Buds’ Auto Mix Pack is very easy to grow, suited for hydro, coco, and soil, and requires very little maintenance. Whether you’re an expert grower or a first-timer, our Assorted Auto Mix Pack is the perfect choice for those looking to grow top-shelf weed at home.

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