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Garlic Budder Cannabis Strain 3 seeds

Experience the intense potency of the new Garlic Budder strain, which boasts dense buds dripping with trichomes. Although savory strains aren’t typically our specialty, we couldn’t resist breeding this unique strain given our long history of cultivating garlic alongside cannabis.

Garlic Budder stood out in our 2019 Phenotype mega-hunt thanks to its spicy garlicky terpenes, combined with enticing buttery and nutty undertones. This Indica-dominant strain produces tall, bushy plants that are high-yielding and productive.

With above-average growth, this powerful strain is not for the faint of heart. You may find yourself glued to your chair, giggling uncontrollably like we did! For this reason, we definitely don’t recommend smoking Garlic Budder before work.

Order Garlic Budder today and experience the unique flavor and powerful effects of this exciting new strain.

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