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Humboldt Seeds
high thc
Hybrid Autoflower


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Have the best of both worlds with our Feminized Magic Melon Auto! Combining the acclaimed Magic Melon with the ease and vigor of an auto makes this an obvious choice for anyone who wants a lot of bud quickly. All autos need favorable conditions throughout the life cycle, particularly the early veg state. This ingenious combination offers cultivators the best of both worlds—premium quality buds with the added convenience of a rapid growth cycle.

The Feminized Magic Melon Autoflower is a standout choice for those seeking a plentiful harvest in a short timeframe. Its colossal production potential ensures that growers can enjoy an abundance of high-quality buds without compromising on the distinctive Magic Melon characteristics. This strain exemplifies the commitment of Humboldt Seed Company to provide accessible yet exceptional genetics to the cannabis community.

Autoflowering strains, while known for their ease of cultivation, demand favorable conditions, especially during the early vegetative stage. It’s crucial to ensure optimal conditions for robust growth, as the strain may transition to the flowering phase earlier if the roots feel constrained. With diligent care, cultivators can experience the magic of the Feminized Magic Melon Autoflower unfolding before their eyes.

Immerse yourself in the captivating bouquet of skunk, orange, and pine aromas emanating from this strain. The delightful fusion of scents adds an extra layer to the overall sensory experience. With an average THC content of 21%, the Feminized Magic Melon Autoflower promises a well-balanced and potent encounter.

Experience the ease and productivity of autoflowers without compromising on the exceptional traits that define Magic Melon. Cultivate with confidence, knowing that you have a trusted source for high-quality genetics. The flowering time for this autoflowering gem ranges from 75 to 90 days, ensuring a swift and rewarding journey from seed to harvest.

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