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Mimosa is a sativa-dominant strain (65%) that comes from crossing Mimosa X Orangeade with 5% ruderalis genetics. Despite being an autoflowering strain, it is just as potent as its photoperiodic counterpart.

Mimosa XXL grows to a height of 60-150 cm, which makes it compact and easy to manage. It is ready for harvest in just 10 weeks from seedling and can yield up to 400 g/m2 in a box, and up to 130 grams when grown outdoors.

If you’re looking for a strong and easy-to-grow strain, Mimosa is a great choice. Its sativa-dominant genetics provide an uplifting and energizing effect, making it perfect for daytime use. Give it a try and see for yourself why Mimosa is a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

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