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OG Kush started all the rage back in the seventies in northern California. A stabilized Pakistani/ Lemon Thai cross with a hint of Chemdawg that has the best characteristics of all three styles of cannabis.

The OG blend quickly became popular with growers, tokers and patients alike.

OG Kush is one of the simpler marijuana strains to grow, requiring only moderate gardening ability. The plants may appear lanky and sparse when they’re very young, but they eventually fill out nicely. In an indoor grow setting, this strain can be expected to reach between two and three feet tall, occasionally larger. It will get taller if it is grown outdoors, but the quality, potency and yield may suffer in this uncontrolled environment. When tended properly, indoor-grown OG Kush will produce an average of around 450 grams of buds per m2.

Nice buds that give off a mesmerizing tropical scent, it is a good option indoors as well as outdoors if the climate is temperate or Mediterranean.

This strain is a mixture of strong effects and an unmistakable spicy pine, herbal flavors. The smell is like fuel and the taste is incredible!

OG Kush is the champion of medical marijuana, extremely helpful for a huge variety of ailments, both chronic and acute.

GENETICS Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush x Pakistan
VARIETY Mostly indica
FLOWERING TYPE Photoperiod Feminized
HEIGH PLANT 100 – 140 cm
YELD INDOOR 450 g/m2
YELD OUTDOOR 500 g/plant

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