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Original auto Amnesia Haze

420 Fast Buds
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3 seeds pack

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A Haze that delivers her goods in a super short 70 days? That could only be the work of FastBuds. 1x/3x pack

Original Auto Amnesia Haze is the autoflowering version of one of the most famous Hazes on the planet. The original photoperiod variety is known for its superior
buds, but also its extremely long flowering phase. FastBuds noted this issue and managed to decrease the total harvest time to an impressive 70 days from germination.

Despite cutting back on waiting time, this automatic sativa-dominant hybrid still embraces her full potential. Since the plant can easily reach heights of 90–150cm, indoor
growers may want to tame her a bit using techniques like sea of green (SOG), topping, or LST. Overall, she’s more suited to growers with a bit of experience. Indoors, she is
capable of churning out a highly respectable harvest of up to 650g/m². Without a doubt, though, you will get the best results by growing this strain outdoors in a hot climate.
Here, she will embrace the sun and churn out enormous yields. Just don’t forget to support the plant with stakes to help her carry her load of large and tightly packed buds!

Original Auto Amnesia Haze may not be the easiest auto to grow, but most cultivators will happily accept this, knowing that the results will be more than worth it. Let’s start
with her flavour, which is a unique blend of orange citrus and floral notes, the latter of which are especially noticeable on the inhale. On the exhale, the citrus notes become
more dominant as the floral notes fade slightly into the background.

A major highlight of the original Amnesia Haze is her spectacular effect. After all, they did name her “Amnesia”, hinting at her surging cerebral high. Her effect—powered
by up to 22% THC—stimulates the mind and keeps you on your feet. After a while, bouts of energy make way for a relaxed mindset. With the creativity and motivation she
inspires, she’s a fabulous daytime smoke and a longtime favourite among artists. But even if you’re less artistically inclined and just enjoy some casual gaming or watching
movies, she’s still a great companion. And, of course, she is unbeatable as a social smoke.

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Original auto Amnesia Haze





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