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Original Auto BubbleGum

420 Fast Buds
Indica Autoflower


Out of stock

Sweet & delicious, very potent and oh-so-easy to grow: the Original Auto BubbleGum by FastBuds brings cannabis enthusiasts the supreme flavours of the beloved Bubblegum, now in a convenient autoflowering version, with no compromises. Get ready to harvest massive yields of delicious candy-flavoured bud in record time!

Original Auto BubbleGum is an autoflower that impresses everyone, from commercial growers, who want results in the shortest possible time, to beginner hobbyists, who want to grow top bud without the hassle. This balanced hybrid takes only 9 weeks from seed to harvest and thanks to her autoflowering genetics, it can be grown under any kind of lighting schedule. A very flexible strain that excels no matter how and where you grow her.

The plant can reach up to 1.3m and she’ll grow one large centre cola and several long side branches. She may not be the smallest of the autoflowers out there, but she responds well to simple trimming or other training techniques, such as SOG. She is also well suited for beginners in cannabis cultivation as it is very resistant and adapts well to all kinds of environments, including colder climates. But do not skimp on nutrients with this lady! She is a heavy feeder, yet will rarely show signs of deficiency or overfeeding. With some TLC, you can expect to get as much as 550g/m² indoors. Because of her sticky resin-covered buds, she is also top choice if you want to make hash and concentrates.

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