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Original Auto Cheese by Fastbuds is the cannabis hybrid with the most incredible terpene profile in this catalogue.
The autoflowering version of one of the most extraordinary strains with a sweet and acrid cheese aroma.

Original Auto Cheese is a typically indica cannabis plant with a small and compact structure and wide leaves. She produces big and dense dark green buds with dark brown pistiles.
All in all, an easy-to-grow plant that produces abundant resin-loaded yields. Watch out for her potent smell, though! Best to use anti-odour filters when grown indoors.

Original Auto Cheese’s strong and relentless flavour is full of fruity notes with sour and earthy touches and an acrid aftertaste that lingers in the mouth.
Her high-quality terpene profile makes this strain ideal for extract and hash making.

Original Auto Cheese’s powerful effect is unsuitable for those unaccustomed to thrilling experiences, as her narcotic buzz will make you feel totally couch-locked.






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