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FastBuds’ Original Auto Jack Herer is the autoflowering variant of the prize-winning Jack Herer, a sativa that has gained as much renown as its famous namesake.


Original Auto Jack Herer does well indoors, espeically when grown in a Sea of Green. However, it is when you grow her outdoors that Original Auto Jack Herer really shines. Best results are achieved in a warmer climate, but unlike many other sativas, she can also deal with colder temperatures quite well.

Original Auto Jack Herer has a short life-cycle of 9 weeks. This time frame can provide the outdoor grower with a significant advantage over photoperiod cannabis: time your grows right and you can enjoy multiple harvests in a single season! Expect to get as much as 500g/m² when you grow her in good conditions. Hash makers will want to take note of this strain’s phenomenal resin production!

Original Auto Jack Herer has an aroma that blends spicy, peppery notes with fruity mango tones that she rounds off with a touch of refreshing citrus. Smoke her, and you can taste earthy and sweet notes with a delightful peppery edge, interspersed with citrus and hints of floral notes for a complex flavour that won’t ever get tiresome.

She contains 21% of THC, making her one of the more-potent autoflowering strains around. Yet, Original Auto Jack Herer balances the relaxing effects of an indica with the uplifting cerebral effect of a sativa. The result is low-key and well balanced. Enjoy a few tokes, and you can still function, but indulge and strength quickly builds.

She is a good smoke not just for chilling and getting rid of stress, but also if you want a nice boost of creativity and energy to accompany your activities. She is a perfect all-rounder!

FastBuds’ Original Auto Jack Herer is a phenomenally good autoflowering take on Jack Herer. If you’re still on the fence and don’t know what autoflower to grow, you can’t go wrong with this girl!






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