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Original auto Skunk

420 Fast Buds
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Indica Autoflower


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Original Auto Skunk is easy-growing, exceptionally hardy and one of FastBuds’ quickest-growing Indica-dominant strains.

Original Auto Skunk is easy-growing, exceptionally hardy and one of FastBuds’ quickest-growing Indica-dominant strains. This autoflowering variant of the famous Skunk can even grow in bad weather. which makes her an excellent strain to grow in colder climates. Get ready for ample yields that give a nicely balanced stone and good flavour—and (of course!) a hint of skunky oldschool “funk”!

For cannabis smokers and growers, Skunk isn’t just synonym for great cannabis: growing a Skunk means also raking in tons of bud from a hardy and adaptable cannabis strain. FastBuds’ Original Auto Skunk is no different and is their autoflowering variant of this legendary cannabis.

Due to the hardy nature of Original Auto Skunk, you can grow her everywhere—indoors or outdoors, reaching a height of 80-100cm. Indoors, you can max out your yields by utilising a Sea of Green technique. In these conditions, Original Auto Skunk yields up to 500g/m².

Where Original Auto Skunk really shines is when you grow her outdoors—even if you live in a colder climate with short summers. She is ready for harvest after 8 weeks from germination – no chance for rain in autumn to spoil your harvest! It can even allow for multiple crops a season depending on where you live.

Original auto Skunk flavour and effect

Original Auto Skunk has an extremely pleasant flavour. In fact, this is one of FastBuds’ sweetest strains. Sweet candy notes go mix with hints of floral and earthy tones. And let’s not forget the slight bit of skunky funkiness that gives this smoke an awesome old-school flair.

Original Auto Skunk is mostly an indica, but her effect is a good blend of an uplifting sativa buzz with the physical stone of an indica. Yet, she isn’t a “heavy” smoke by any means. She induces deep relaxation—you won’t be locked to your couch but instead will find yourself smiling silly with a nice carefree and happy buzz. Original Auto Skunk is a great social smoke as well, perfect for parties or if you just want to have some fun chill time with your friends.

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Original Auto Skunk





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