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Original auto Sour Diesel

420 Fast Buds
high thc
Sativa Autoflower


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To the delight of the enthusiasts of classic flavour profiles, FastBuds have taken a true West Coast legend and turned her into an autoflower.
With their Original Auto Sour Diesel you can now have very potent bud with the trademark sour and fuel-like diesel taste in record time.

Original Auto Sour Diesel is a superb autoflowering version of the iconic Sour Diesel. She ticks all the boxes, boasting complex, classic flavours and aromas,
as well as energising and uplifting high. She’s also a pleasure to grow and will suit cultivators of all levels of experience.

Influenced by her sativa roots, Original Auto Sour Diesel grows to medium-tall heights of 1.2m, with many side branches. If you’re growing indoors and you
don’t have much space, consider low stress training (LST), and the strain can produce particularly large buds for monster yields. There will be lots of resin-covered
leaf and trim as well, making this plant great for hash and concentrates. You can also grow her outdoors, where she does well in hotter climates and can tolerate cooler nights.
She likes plenty of nutrients as she grows, so be generous! With up to 550g/m² at harvest time and nugs that are very compact for their large size, Original Auto Sour Diesel
will delight every grower.

The flavour of Original Auto Sour Diesel is a blend of distinct fuel notes, mixed with sandalwood, earthy and peppery notes and sour tones of citrus. Original Auto Sour Diesel
can be deceiving and taste much like a Kush, but don’t let this fool you. She starts you out on a soaring, uplifting, cerebral note, and gives you bouts of energy and creativity that
keep you clear-headed and focussed. After some time, her effect is turning into a more calming and dreamy buzz. She is a great daytime smoke, superb as a companion during
creative activities like making music or gaming and she’s fantastic to enjoy with friends.

Original Auto Sour Diesel by FastBuds is an autoflower that takes the Sour Diesel to a whole new level.

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Original auto Sour Diesel





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