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Original Trainwreck Auto

420 Fast Buds
high thc
Hybrid Autoflower


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Original Trainwreck Auto by FastBuds is a super loyal auto recreation of the original Trainwreck. It packs hard-hitting, blissful effects and a delicious piney, lemony, spicy-sweet aroma. Oh, and did we mention she takes as little as 63 days from germination to harvest?

FastBuds’ Original Trainwreck Auto will hit you like a freight train. Literally. If you still think that autoflowers lack potency and yield potential, think again. This super-fast
cannabis strain takes just 63 days to reach harvest from germination, rewarding you with top-shelf, dispensary-grade bud that perfectly honours the original Trainwreck.
Specially bred to balance sativa and indica traits, Original Trainwreck Auto is a breeze to grow and delivers effects that’ll leave you in a state of bliss all day long.

Thanks to its balanced genetics, Original Trainwreck Auto grows great indoors as well as outside. On average, plants max out at 70–120cm in height, depending on how much light
they receive during the early days. We recommend planting Original Trainwreck Auto seeds in 12l pots and placing your seedlings under CFLs for 18 hours per day during their first
1–1.5 weeks of life. Growing in organic super soil or using organic fertilisers will help to avoid overfeeding (a common problem with autos) and maximise this strain’s short life cycle.

If you’re an outdoor gardener, keep in mind that Original Trainwreck Auto prefers moderate climates and is moderately resistant to most common pests. For the best results, we recommend planting her early in the season and sticking to a once-a-week organic pest-control schedule using neem oil, potassic soap, and diatomaceous earth. While yields can vary depending on your growing style, Original Trainwreck Auto can produce up to 550g/m² indoors and 150g/plant outdoors.

Come harvest time, Original Trainwreck Auto will blow you away with her big, dense flowers, thick coating of trichomes, and intoxicating aroma. Like the original Trainwreck, FastBuds’ auto recreation smells of sweet pine mixed with lemon and spice, and delivers hard-hitting effects that’ll leave you stimulated and in a great mood, but still relaxed—ideal for when you want to get creative, stay social, or start the day off right.

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Original Trainwreck Auto







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