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Original Moby Dick Auto

420 Fast Buds
1 seed pack
3 seeds pack

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Original Moby Dick Auto 1X/3X PACK

Original Moby Dick Auto STRAIN DESCRIPTION

Original Moby Dick Auto, a renowned Sativa-dominant giant, emerges from a cross between two beloved strains, White Widow and Haze. These strains are famous for their delightful aroma, substantial size, and impressive yields. This highly recommended, easy-to-grow variety is perfect for growers of all levels seeking maximum yields with minimal effort.

With a height of up to 150cm and yields up to 650 g/m2 in just 10 weeks, this strain requires minimal maintenance. Boasting a THC content of 23%, this marvelous hybrid is all about happiness. It melts away worries, boosts mood, and leaves you with a broad smile on your face. It’s an excellent choice for social occasions and busy workdays. The Sativa effect blends with lemony, piney, and woody terpenes, creating the classic aroma cherished by cannabis enthusiasts.

Original Moby Dick Auto Bud Description:
Moby Dick Auto produces long, dark-green buds with darker sugar leaves and extended dark-orange hairs throughout. The thick and dense flowers are coated with resin, sparkling under the right lighting. The exceptional bag appeal accompanies a pleasant yet intriguing aroma of earth, lemon, and sweet floral notes, filling the room with the reminiscent scent of a Dutch coffee shop upon bud break.

Smoke Reports

This monster-sized Sativa delivers a happy, energizing effect that sparks creativity and prepares you for a productive workday. Its effect is almost instantaneous, with negative thoughts dissipating, leaving you in a calm, peaceful, and joyous state of mind, sporting a wide smile. Sativa enthusiasts will appreciate Moby Dick Auto’s ability to provide an energy boost without overwhelming racing thoughts. It’s the perfect strain for those seeking an invigorating and functional effect.

Plant Appearance:
Moby Dick Auto grows exceptionally tall, reaching heights of up to 150 cm. Indoors, it yields up to 650 g/m2, while outdoors it produces 300 g per plant. It exhibits characteristics typically associated with Sativa varieties, such as long branches and medium/large internodal spacing. This variety is highly recommended for beginners due to its resilient genetics, forgiving nature, and ability to deliver potent Sativa buds in as little as 70 days, even with minimal maintenance.





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