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ph meter 3 in 1 ⥈ სამი ერთში მჟავიანობის-pH საზომი



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High quality digital whater ph meter

ph meter 3 in 1

* perfect for water tanks and hydrophonic systems.
* Fast and accurate measurement. Easy calibration (pH4.00, pH6.86).
* Small size, high quality.
* Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) function.


*3-in-1 pH meter. The PH meter has three-in-one function, which can accurately measure pH and temperature at the same time.  Measure the water quality in all directions to ensure the health of your family.

*Equipped with high-quality titanium alloy probe, glass electrode, which can achieve fast and convenient testing.

*LCD Display Screen — High-definition and clear display of measured values, easy to observe and use, and easy to operate.

*Automatic Temperature Compensation: Temperature can affect reading levels, our water meterr’s automatic temperature compensation can that you’re getting the best possible reading.

*Auto Calibration Function — Digital PH tester factory calibrated, but recalibration is needed in case of long period of inactivity or after a frequent use. Before calibration, add PH 4.00/PH 6. 86/PH 9.18 calibration powders into beaker with 250ml (under the temperature of 25℃) of distilled water, then stir until the powder has completely dissolved. Push the auto-calibration button, the tester will automatically identify the calibration solutions.



*Resolution:pH: 0.01pH;

*Accuracy(@25°C/77℉):PH:+0.05pH;TEMP: ±0.5°C

*Calibration:pH 6.86 point:Accuracy ±0.1pH

6.86/4.00(6.86/918)points: Accuracy 0.05pH

6.86/4.00/9.18 points: Accuracy +0.02pH

Calibrated by factory ( 1413us/cm )

*Temp Compensation:Automatic temperature compensation ( 0-60C)

*Battery:3*1.5V(AG-13 button cell )

*Auto power-off : 5 MinutesLow power protection system / battery indicator

*Environment:0 to60.0°C(32.0-140.0F)RH100%

*Dimensions:183*37*37mm(7.2*1.5*1.5in )


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