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Purple Urkle Fem * 3+1 Free Seed *

Pyramid Seeds Barcelona
Indica Feminized

Variety: Sativa 20% / Índica 80%
Genetics: Mendocino Purps
Smell: Grape / Tropical fruit
Crop : Indoor yield 350-400 gr/m5
Outdoor yield: 0,75-1 kg
THC:  20%
Indoor flowering: 55-65 days
Outdoor flowering: September

Purple Urkle – a Californian treasure, wrapped in purple hues that seem to embody the soul of Indica. This strain, a masterpiece of selection, adorns itself not only with color but also with a delightful taste reminiscent of tropical fruits and ripe grapes, complemented by a unique fruity-skunky aroma.

Purple Urkle is the key to absolute relaxation, promising not just serenity but a journey into a world of deep tranquility. The potent Indica effect of this strain has an enveloping action on the body and mind, becoming the perfect companion in the fight against insomnia, anxiety, and muscle pain. Its ability to uplift the mood makes it an indispensable tool against depression, bringing joy back to every moment of your life.

We advise beginners to handle it with care, as the high THC content in Purple Urkle can deliver a powerful effect in just a couple of puffs. Perfectly suitable for evening leisure, this strain will become your faithful assistant in the search for harmony and peace after a long day.

Choose Purple Urkle – and let every evening be filled with tranquility and serenity, leading to happy and fulfilling dreams.

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