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Romulan Fem * 3+1 SPETIAL OFFER *

Pyramid Seeds Barcelona
high thc


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The Romulan from Pyramid Seeds is a tribute to the geek universe, as it is named after the alien race of Romulans from the Star Trek saga. It is a plant with an intense cerebral and relaxing effect.

Marvel at the power of Romulan, a treasure inspired by the world of star treks. This strain is a tribute to the brave race from the legendary saga “Star Trek”, blending the strength of indica with the enlightenment of sativa. From the first encounter, Romulan captivates you with a powerful wave of euphoria that smoothly transitions into a state of deep relaxation, awakening a need for self-reflection. Its flavor, rich in sweet accents with warm notes of pine and sharp spices, leaves an unforgettable impression.

Romulan is especially valued for its comprehensive medical properties, becoming a discovery for both researchers and recreational cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking relief, tranquility, or just moments of relaxation, this strain offers all that and more.

The culmination of the growing process is a spectacular finale: at the end of the flowering stage, Romulan reveals its beauty through purple and reddish hues of leaves, like the glow of galactic nebulas in the endless expanse of space.

Discover Romulan – and let every encounter with it be a journey to the stars, filled with discoveries and harmony.

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