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For very satisfying yields of world-class cannabis, growing Tangie’Matic is a smart move.
Big buds on a sturdy plant make this easy-cropping cultivar a winner amongst commercial and personal growers alike.

Combining cutting-edge autoflowering technology with one of Europe’s most popular strains has spawned the monster-yielding Tangie’Matic. In a short 9 weeks from
germination to harvest, this is a favourite of many commercial growers for good reason. She produces a chunky, spindle-shaped central cola and a full skirt of bud-thickened
lateral branches. The sativa dominance is obvious in the silhouette. It is a full plant with a number of branches that try to outdo the central bud.

Generous root room outdoors (in the ground or a good-sized 50l pot) will provide a sufficient rhizosphere and enough food for a robust XXL-yielding plant that will reach 1.5m tall.
It is surprising to watch so much bud accumulate in such a short time. Indoors, similarly lush and rapid growth can be expected, as plants will fill out small grow spaces quite quickly.
Sturdy branches push fist-sized flower clusters towards the light. You will need some space or a big tent to grow this strain.

The extremely satisfying yield features a THC level generally around 20%. In experienced hands and cured to perfection, it can hit 23%. This is psychedelic sativa. Thirty minutes after consumption, its true essence is unveiled. All buzz with no indica lag. She may be a hybrid, but the effects are brain-activating to boot. You will get swept away by waves of focus and
creativity. To grow and use this strain is to love this strain for its rapid development of citrus-flavoured yields and the effects that keep you coming back for more.

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