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Wedding Glue 2 seeds pack

420 Fast Buds
Indica Autoflower
Very high THC


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From the good folks at FastBuds comes a strain that really has to be seen to be believed. A beauty from start to finish, Wedding Glue Auto offers an accessible and receptive grow that culminates in some great-tasting, powerful, and sticky buds. Showcasing effects that are both uplifting and soothing, she’ll pleasantly surprise you from start to finish.

Sometimes, a strain comes along that produces so much resin it practically glues your fingers together when harvesting. Wedding Glue Auto is one such cultivar.
This potent powerhouse grows to a huge size (for an auto) to showcase a snow-white canopy teeming with the good stuff.

A unique strain, and a labour of love from the team at FastBuds, the genetics themselves are a closely guarded secret, with “a cross between a cake and a glue phenotype”
being our only hints. They’re keeping the recipe of this cake tight to their chests.

Because of its autoflowering capabilities, this strain is hugely accessible for all growers, regardless of expertise. Indoors or outdoors, the grower has free rein on where they would
like to place Wedding Glue Auto. She grows to an extra-large size, spreading out more than up, so those looking for a more discreet project can opt for LST to keep her compact.
She’s receptive, robust, and can deal with these methods flawlessly. Provide a little maintenance and upkeep along the way, and you’ll have a beaut of a plant in next to no time.

Taking just 9–10 weeks from seed to harvest, her sticky and bountiful buds will soon be yours for the taking. When grown in the best possible conditions, indoor harvests will
reach 450–550g/m² with ease. Outdoor projects tell a similar story, with returns in the region of 60–160g/plant—a huge and effortless haul.

Because of her extremely resinous buds, Wedding Glue Auto is favoured as a strain for concentrates. But, equally, if you’re looking to roll a joint or pack your vaporizer, you’re
in good company. Not only does Wedding Glue Auto have a great white glow, but she also has a sweet flavour reminiscent of the finest sponge cake. Coupled with some earthy
and vanilla tones, she’s aromatic and impressive to behold.

A mostly indica-dominant strain (60% indica, 40% sativa) bearing up to 26% THC, she leans hard on her relaxing and soothing effects. However, these are backed up with a
welcome dose of euphoria. Certainly a fine smoke to enjoy whenever you have the time to bliss out and relax.






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