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Wonder Woman auto 5 Seeds pack

5 seeds pack


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Wonder Woman auto 5 Seeds pack Nirvana Seeds

Looking for an autoflowering cannabis strain that combines relaxation and a boost in sexual desire? Look no further than PevGrow’s Wonder Woman Auto from Nirvana Seeds.

With high THC content, Wonder Woman Auto produces a pleasant feeling of happiness and good mood, while also relaxing and reducing stress. It strikes the perfect balance, without leaving you feeling stranded.

This strain also boasts a penetrating aroma that combines skunk, sweet citrus, and even hints of berries and wood. Its complex fragrance makes it an attractive choice for many cannabis enthusiasts.

Growing Auto Wonder Woman is a breeze for those with some cannabis cultivation experience. Best suited for indoor environments, this strain can be grown with the Sea of Green method and hydroponic growing techniques. In just nine weeks of flowering, you can expect a superior yield of potent weed.

Discover the power of Auto Wonder Woman from PevGrow and experience the perfect balance of relaxation and desire.

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