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Ztrawberriez Auto

420 Fast Buds
1 seed pack
3 seeds pack

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Ztrawberriez Auto 1X/3X PACK

Ztrawberriez Auto strain Description

Ztrawberriez Auto boasts a THC content of up to 25%. It is created by crossing two renowned Cali varieties known for their potent effects and exceptional terpene profiles. This strain not only yields beautiful, rock-hard buds, producing up to 600 g/m2 in just 9-10 weeks, but also offers a delightful journey through a range of sweet and fruity terpenes. From strawberry and lemon to grape and blueberry, the flavors are diverse and accompanied by a perfectly balanced effect with a subtle Indica dominance. The uplifting cerebral high keeps you alert and happy, while the Indica side relaxes your body, providing a sense of calm focus that enables productivity even on busy workdays.

Ztrawberriez Auto Bud Description

Ztrawberriez Auto develops long and thick buds, displaying a stunning light green color with occasional purplish hues. These resin-rich flowers start at the top and continue all the way to the sugar leaves, showcasing the typical hybrid structure. Breaking open the buds releases an explosion of fruity terpenes, combining creamy, fruity, and sweet aromas. It’s an ideal choice for terpene enthusiasts and extractors seeking bold and pronounced flavors and aromas.

Smoke Reports

Despite its Sativa dominance, Ztrawberriez Auto offers a surprisingly well-balanced effect. With its 25% THC content, the impact is almost immediate, starting with a mild cerebral effect and gradually building into a highly motivating and uplifting high. This leaves you focused and stress-free. The functional head high is complemented by a soothing body buzz, effectively relaxing your entire body, alleviating pain and tension without excessive sedation. This variety is an excellent option for those seeking the medicinal benefits of cannabis, as it not only relieves pain and stress but also induces a dreamy state of mind that allows worries to dissipate.

Plant Appearance

Ztrawberriez Auto is an incredibly resilient and beginner-friendly strain. It thrives without requiring extensive maintenance, reliably producing yields of up to 600g/m2 of frosty and visually appealing flowers within just 9-10 weeks. With a maximum height of 120cm, it grows with long branches and dense buds that stack atop each other, giving the appearance of colossal buds held by each branch. This remarkable variety is especially suitable for beginners, as it produces dense and flavorful harvests even with minimal upkeep.”

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