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CANNA Coco A&B Complete nutrient with fulvic acid for fast growing plants, specially developed for growing in CANNA COCO growing medium. two parts

CANNA COCO A&B is a complete nutrient for plants containing all the essential elements for optimal growing and flowering.  It contains fulvic acid that can boost a plant’s performance by improving nutrient absorption resulting in more rapid growth and bigger yields.

CANNA COCO A&B can be used for the growing and flowering phase if it is used in combination with a quality coco growing medium (like CANNA COCO). CANNA COCO A&B is easy to use dissolves directly and is extremely suitable for growing in pots or with “run to waste” systems.

Directions of use

  • Shake well before use
  • Fill nutrient reservoir with water
  • Add CANNA Coco A+B in a dilution ratio of 1:250 (40 ml A and 40 ml B per 10 L water)
  • – Add CANNA Coco A to the nutrient reservoir

– Stir well, and then add CANNA Coco B

– Again, stir well and let mixture stand for some hours

  • The EC of CANNA Coco A&B dissolved in (tap) water varies between 1,2 – 2,3 mS (= nutrient EC + water EC)
  • Recommended pH: 5,2 – 6,2
  • When growing intensively drip feed the plants 1-3 times a day with the nutrient solution and make sure the drain will be between 10% and 20%. In general this means 4-6 litre of nutrient solution per m² per day

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COCO A 1 Liter, COCO A 10 Liters, COCO A 5 Liters, COCO B 1 Liter, COCO B 10 Liters, COCO B 5 Liters

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