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Fresh Candy Fem Pyramid Seeds

Pyramid Seeds Barcelona
Indica Feminized

Variety: Sativa 25% / Índica 75%
Genetics: Sweet Tooth
Smell: fruit / skunk
Crop : Indoor yield 450 gr/m5
Outdoor yield: 0,5-1 kg
THC:  16%
Indoor flowering: 60 days
Outdoor flowering: September

Fresh Candy – Step into the world of unparalleled flavors with the Fresh Candy strain – a true gem from Space of Life’s selection, obtained in 2001. This exclusive photoperiodic phenotype of indica impresses with its robust branching and resilience, offering unique thick, compact, and dense buds, promising an unforgettable experience from each harvest.

Fresh Candy is a variety that will transform your perception of taste. Its fresh caramel scent, complemented by sweetness and richness, will instantly enchant you, promising a gustatory delight that is hard to match. The perfect combination of taste and aroma makes it not only a pleasure for gourmets but also a dream for connoisseurs of quality strains.

Growing Fresh Candy does not require much effort from you. This variety shows adaptability to different types of substrates, demonstrating high adaptability and resilience. The flowering period, lasting from 55 to 60 days, allows you to influence the final taste, providing the opportunity to achieve the perfect balance between sweetness and aroma intensity. Such flexible management of the growing process makes Fresh Candy an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced growers who wish to minimize their efforts without compromising the quality of the harvest.

By choosing Fresh Candy, you opt for effortless cultivation and unparalleled quality of the harvest that will astonish you with its magnificent taste and aroma. Dive into the world of caramel dreams with a variety that will become your reliable companion on the journey through the world of cannabis.

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