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hortiOne Plug & play for hortione 420/600



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hortiOne Plug & play for hortione 420/600

hortiOne Plug & play for hortione 420/600

hortiONE knob-dimmer

horitONE Dimmer Knob can simultaneously control up to 3 LED drivers. hortiONE 420 / 600 models are plug & play. The supply voltage comes either directly from a driver with 12V AUX.  Included are 3 cables for hortiONE LED. These can optionally be removed and all compatible drivers can be connected (DiY).


Input LED driver 12V AUX or powered by USB +5V
Output 0-10 VDC
Maimum dimming load 100mA
Channel 1
Number of connections 3: Can connect up to 3 LED driver
MAx ambient temperature 50°C
Warranty 2 years
Dimensions 130x68x34mm

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