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Ice Feminized Nirvana’s 5 Seeds pack

5 seeds pack


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Nirvana’s Ice – 5 Feminized seeds pack

Nirvana’s Ice Feminized seeds

Boost your harvest with Ice Feminized, a top-performing variety perfect for indoor and outdoor growth. This easy-to-grow plant boasts incredible resistance and a crystal-covered appearance. Experience outstanding hash production with this old-school Dutch favorite.

Try Nirvana’s Ice seeds to elevate your hash making and extraction skills. Ice, also known as Indica Crystal Extreme, is a 4-way hybrid offering massive production, frosty features, quick flowering, and effortless growth. This Dutch cup winner showcases the finest old-school strains.

Ideal for extract artists and hash enthusiasts, Ice Feminized drips resin from head to toe. Old-school connoisseurs will appreciate the exceptional quality of this strain’s flowers. Don’t miss out on adding Ice Feminized to your collection.

Growing of Ice Feminized

By crossing Skunk #1 x Afghani x Northern Lights x Shiva, this combination created a powerful hybrid that has enhanced all the best traits from the parental lines. The insane resin profile from the White Widow is even more prevalent in this cross, and we managed to create a line that is highly resistant to plant disease.

Ice feminized is a wise choice for growers living in colder climates, planting outdoors. Her resin production has gone through the roof and even exceeded the notorious snow-white traits of the Dutch White Widow.


This lady will grow an average height and not stretch much when flowering begins. She is a giant producer of large sized, silver coated buds that are easy to trim. A very fast flowering time of 7-9 weeks, makes her great for commercial growers, or those looking for massive harvests in a short time frame.

Ice is a tough plant that can take plenty of organic and hydroponic nutrients and loves intense lighting.


Outdoors, she performs incredibly well with very little maintenance. This super stable and reliable hybrid will grow with a bushy Christmas appearance with heavy side branches. Her structure will reflect her indica dominance, causing plants to grow to a medium height and keep a low profile.

We strongly recommend Ice seeds to growers who are experiencing cold weather and more challenging climates.

Fungal resistance

Exceptionally resistant and tough, Ice will thrive in hot climates and produce huge harvests. You can expect excellent results in colder climates also, with little chance of mold.

Flowering time


Flowering time indoors will require 50-63 days, depending on the phenotype.

Some plants can finish as quick as 50 days, making Ice seeds an ideal strain for commercial growers who need big yields in a short time.


It is best to plant the seeds outdoors in April or May, with a harvest date of Late September and early October.

Depending on the climate and phenotype, flowering time outdoors can vary from 7-9 weeks before plants are ready.


when growin Ice Feminized Indoor

In a Sea of Green formation, she is capable of producing yields of 600 g/m² (2 oz per square foot).

Support may need to be added to the side branches to help the heavy bus stay upright.


Ice is very productive outdoors and can easily yield 600 grams (21 oz) per plant under the right conditions.

With training and keeping in a South-facing location, yields can be enhanced even further, meaning she is a highly lucrative strain.

Plant height & structure

The growth structure of Ice feminized is bushy and wide, where she will produce thick, dense microphone sized colas.

As her name suggests, she will be dripping in resin from head to toe, with an average height of 100-120 cm (39-47 inches tall).


We advise topping the plants and tying them down during the vegetative stage. This will promote a more bushy and top-heavy canopy.

Pruning a week before flowering can also increase final yields and add support if possible using a net trellis, bamboo, or tomato cage.

Smell, taste, and effect of Ice Feminized

Ice boasts an old school funk, characterized by fuel, earthy, sweet, and floral notes. Combining the best of indica and sativa lines, her flavor and aroma are truly captivating. However, be cautious when drying Ice plants, as the potent smell can be overwhelming. Utilize a drying net while trimming to collect the numerous trichomes.

The effects are immediate, inducing euphoria, uplifted spirits, and mental clarity. Perfect for all-day enjoyment without fatigue or loss of motivation, Ice is ideal for those desiring a pleasant social high without overpowering indica or sativa hybrids. Great for gaming, socializing with friends, and staying focused, this 4-way hybrid offers a balanced potency of 15-20%.

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