Mini Dehumidifier • ტენის ამომშრობი



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SINOWELL Mini Dehumidifier 

Mini Dehumidifier • ტენის ამომშრობი

* Air Cleansing: Sinowell mini dehumidifier has a small and compact design with a 400 ml capacity per day, can effectively clear air in closed spaces such as Groel Rum. It is energy efficient, so it can effectively absorb moisture without spending extra energy.
* Modern design: perfectly fits in corners and small spaces (215-269 sq. Ftut).
* Easy to use: Sinowell Mini dehumidifier is an ultra -easy use and functionality. Just connect it, turn on the button, then give it a 24-hour cycle until the water tank is filled.
* Automatic Shutdown Function: When about 1.3 liters of water accumulates, the baking powder automatically turns off and activates the “red” LED indicator light.

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