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ONA BLOCK Fresh Linen  უსიამოვნო სუნის ნეიტრალიზატორი Fresh linen არომატით.

ONA BLOCK Fresh Linen is an odor-neutralizing block from ONA with a smell of fresh linen. The ONA Block is a solid odor neutralizer that will neutralize the strongest odors without being noticed. It allows effective and quick removal of unwanted aroma in the room, wardrobe, car, etc., for spraying into the air or on various surfaces.

These odor neutralizers not only camouflage the odors but also act as odor destroyers, leaving a fresh aroma on the environment. Working with an action technology that goes through the action of its fluctuating molecules in the air, they get together with the odor molecules. When they gain weight, they will fall to the ground when they gain weight, disappearing forever in record time.Its complex formula made of essential oils makes ONA Spays very safe to use around people, animals, and plants, they are eco-friendly.

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