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Original Auto Chemdawg by FastBuds is a great strain (not just!) for newcomers to cannabis cultivation.
This easy-growing, yet massively potent indica hybrid fits pretty much anywhere and grows fast with decent yields.

To create Original Auto Chemdawg, FastBuds took a classic Chemdawg and added some autoflower magic. The result is easy to grow, completes in 8-9 weeks,
and packs a real punch. Perfect for indoor cultivation, Original Auto Chemdawg grows to a compact plant with a height of 60-90cm, allowing her to fit everywhere.
Her small stature is also ideal for growing outdoors in small spaces such as on your terrace or balcony. Due to Original Auto Chemdawg’s low and uniform profile,
she is well suited to the Sea of Green growing technique. She is low-maintenance, flowers automatically, and has good resistance to pests, diseases and colder climates.
Original Auto Chemdawg isn’t just a remarkably robust strain; light a joint with her buds and you will be greeted with potency. Take a few hits, and she will blast you hard
—a heavy, deep, and relaxing stone will take over your body before you know it.
A word of caution: Original Auto Chemdawg’s knockout effect may not be the best strain for those with a low tolerance. Then again, if you like your weed potent, she could
be a strong contender as a new favourite!

Original Auto Chemdawg has a flavour and aroma that is just as satisfying as her effects. She fuses distinct fuel and gassy notes into a desirable Diesel-like flavour that is also
accentuated by some earthy tones. The result is a very pungent and intense yet highly enjoyable smoke.






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