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There is no perfect pH. Higher values facilitate the absorption of cations and lower values help the absorption of anions: each pH level has compromises. The safest recommended average value is 5.5 to 6.5. Our advice is to stay in the lower part: from 5.5 to 6.2.

Unique powder solution for pH control in hydroponics, coco and soil The only dry powder pH control solution on the market

Adjusting pH is an essential practice for all growers: it makes mineral salts available and stabilizes chelates, but for shops that offer orders by mail, sending liquid acids can be risky – sometimes prohibited by postal authorities. GHE pH – Powder avoids these problems by making shipping easier and safer.

In addition to regulating the pH, GHE pH – Powder can be used (with high concentrations) to clean and disinfect the ducts and the system, with low concentrations use it as a foliar spray to clean pesticide residues from the leaves, and finally, from a nutritional boost to your plants by providing:

Nitrogen, in a form that supports the vegetative phase without compromising flowering.
Phosphates for strong flowering, root health, lush foliage and harmonious growth.

HOW TO USE pH – Powder:
Caution: Always wear appropriate protection when handling strong acids.

• To change the pH: Add 1g to 5 / 6L of water and mix well. Test the pH and correct it by adding more or less pH – or water.
• As a Foliar Spray: Use 1g / 10L of water.

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