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Smoothie auto

420 Fast Buds
Indica Autoflower
Very high THC


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Flavour chasers are in for a treat with FastBuds’ latest creation Smoothie Auto. This mouth-watering autoflower, with her gourmet blend of berry and fruit notes,
is like an escape to a tropical island. Perfect to grow in small spaces due to her compact size, the girl is also ideal for stealthy outdoor grows!

Smoothie auto Only the best of the best is good enough for the breeders at FastBuds. Smoothie Auto is a pairing of two all-time-favourites: the mouth-watering Blueberry and the no-less-delicious
Somango. The combination of these two exceptionally fruity strains results not only in some of the most flavourful bud you can get your hands on; she’s also easy to grow and so
compact that you can plant her anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

Plant your seed, and Smoothie Auto will grow into a typical indica structure, more bushy than lanky, and with a thick main cola and few side branches. Add to this her autoflowering
nature, and you get a nicely compact cannabis plant that will not exceed a height of 80–110cm. This makes Smoothie Auto a good option for when space is at a premium, or for
balcony and guerrilla grows outdoors. Find a spot where she can get plenty of sun, and her thick and juicy buds will be ready for you in just 8–9 weeks from seed! This auto is no
slouch when it comes to yield, churning out XL harvests for her size. She also responds very well to low stress training and makes a good candidate for a SOG.

When you smoke the girl, Smoothie Auto will tickle your palate with her blend of ripe mango and creamy berry sorbet. Yet, despite her smoke being incredibly flavourful and refreshing,
she is also very smooth. Going perfectly with her great flavour, her high is also very nicely balanced. She provides just the right mix of heady euphoria and physical relaxation so you can
enjoy the girl on any occasion. She is a great smoke during the day—very social and a lot of fun to share with others. But you can also enjoy her in solitude during the quiet hours leading
up to bed.

If you’re looking for a rewarding autoflower, look no further: Smoothie Auto by FastBuds sure won’t disappoint!

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