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Pyramid Seeds Barcelona
average thc
Hybrid Autoflower


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Auto Wembley is the feminised autoflowering version of Pyramid Seeds’ Wembley, a surprisingly flavourful
hybrid resulting from crossing the world-famous AK 47 with another cannabis classic, Bubble Gum.

Wembley AUTO For many, Wembley is by far the most fragrant and tasty plant in Pyramid’s seed catalogue, even in comparison to their Northern Lights and Shark selections, renowned for their strong smell. Auto Wembley combines the powerful, long-lasting high of AK47 with the fresh tropical fruit flavour of Bubble Gum in one fast-flowering package!

Auto Wembley is a medium sized plant with light green foliage and thick, dense and resinous pyramid-shaped buds. The orange pistils that show at the end of flowering make this plant a very attractive beauty.

Pyramid Seeds has created Auto Wembley to allow all lovers of the classical Wembley genetics to enjoy its qualities but in a much shorter flowering period. This plant flowers automatically and may be harvested from 45-56 days after germination, depending on conditions. Great for growing in small spaces indoors, where a light cycle of 20/4 is recommended. For outdoor crops it is generally sown from mid-April for a late June harvest, but can also be planted until July/August in warmer areas.





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