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Vacuum Container | Qnubu California


California Vacuum Canister is a storage container designed to keep your flowers fresh and protected from moisture and other contaminants.

This bottle has an easy Press opening system, which allows the application and release of vacuum with ease. In addition, its airtight vacuum closure system will keep your flowers fresh and protected, avoiding odor emission thanks to its anti-odor technology.

The California Vacuum Canister is also moisture resistant and BPA free per FDA regulations, which makes it safe for food and pharmaceutical use. With this vacuum pot, you can store your flowers with complete peace of mind, knowing that they are protected and safe from any contamination.


  • Easy Opening: Press system for vacuum application and release.
  • Hermetic Closure: Vacuum System that will keep your flowers isolated from moisture and other contaminants.
  • Anti-odor: Vacuum system prevents the emission of odors.
  • Moisture resistant
  • BPA-free FDA
  • Suitable for food and pharmaceutical use.

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