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LED PRO 1000W FULL SPECTRUM – 8 BARS • სრული სპექტრის LED განათება



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Full Spectrum LED for horticulture – 1000W
High performance and a design created for commercial horticulture.


FULL SPECTRUM increases the quality of your crop. Our combination of white and red LEd result in a relatively high ratio of blue light.
Blue light keeps your crop compact in the vegetative stage and adds to an optimal morphogenesis and light interception by the plant.
It maintains the photosynthetic system of the plant to optimize its photosynthetic potential and can shorten the flowering period.
Blue light also triggers stomatal opening during the light period.
The spread of the red LEDs guarantees a uniformly mixed spectrum on your crop at a short distance.
PRO Cultilite LEDs are equipped with Samsung LM301H LEDs and are powered by an Inventronics driver. The efficacy of the LED
is 2.7 umol / J and the PPF is 2700 umol / s.

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